Coinbase App Review of 2023: How To Use The Coinbase Mobile App

Coinbase app is a mobile trading platform that allows you to sell, buy, store, and transfer crypto assets wherever you are. The app has a user-friendly interface and caters to the needs of both beginners and long-term investors. 

The Coinbase app has high ratings on both Android and iOS play stores due to the fact that many Coinbase users prefer using the app over the browser because of its seamless trading experience. 

Coinbase has become one of the largest exchange platforms globally and supports over 100 cryptocurrencies. Not many trading platforms have a cryptocurrency base like Coinbase. It has two trading platforms to suit the needs of all kinds of traders. The standard platform is designed keeping in mind the needs of beginners and professionals, while Coinbase Pro is solely for seasoned traders with advanced trading options. 

Nevertheless, the Coinbase app has become the most sought-after trading app with over 73 million verified users and continues to draw more users into the crypto industry. There are many features available in the Coinbase app, and if you want to know more, then this Coinbase app review is for you! – If you’re looking for a deeper dive into Coinbase in all its glory, then give our complete Coinbase review a read.

How To Use The Coinbase App

The Coinbase app gained popularity among the trading community because of its ease of use. Users don’t have to know advanced mobile functions to use the app because everything the app features is right in front of your eyes. 

To start using the Coinbase mobile app, begin by downloading the Coinbase app on your Android or iOS device

  • Sign in” through the app by entering your Coinbase “E-mail” and “Password.”
  • You will receive a seven-digit verification OTP sent to the number you registered on Coinbase. Enter the OTP and click “Verify.”
Coinbase app SMS verification
  • If you are using the app for the first time on your phone, then you will have to authorize the device through your E-mail. Coinbase will send a new device authorization message to your E-mail.
  •  Click on “I Authorize this Computer” and authorize the device. It is recommended to authorize the device through your phone directly and not the desktop since it may show an error sometimes. 
Coinbase app email confirmation

Navigating Through The Coinbase App

The Coinbase app’s home page will show you options such as “Receive Crypto,” “Send,” “Convert,” and “Receive.” These direct options enable users to perform the functions quickly without having to dig deeper into the web.

Coinbase "Welcome To Coinbase" app home screen

The home page will show you a “Watchlist” of the current cryptocurrency prices and some of the biggest-moving cryptos in the industry currently. Bitcoin (BTC) is the most traded cryptocurrency in the world and is always on the “Watchlist.” 

Coinbase app homescreen

You can click on the BTC and check the current market stats, its performance in the last few days, months, or years, and any other news on Bitcoin. 

At the bottom of the home page, you will find relevant news articles as you scroll down. You can click on any news you may find interesting. 

To go to your profile options, click the horizontal lines on the top left corner of the homepage. To check notifications, click on the bell icon on the top right corner of the homepage.

Coinbase profile settings in the app

The “Assets” navigation icon at the bottom of the screen will show your balance, among other options. Next to the “Assets” icon is the “Trade” icon. Click on it, and on this page, you can trade crypto, view prices, edit your watchlist, and more. It will show you the gainers and losers in the crypto industry, along with the top movers and other popular coins like Ethereum, USD coin, and others. 

You can even check how all your assets are performing by clicking on the “All Assets” option on this page. 

The last icon is the “Pay” option, where you can directly send and receive crypto gifts from your friends or family. You can receive crypto from your friends by copying your Bitcoin address and sending them or through a QR code scan.

An offer Coinbase gives to its users while transferring cryptos is to do the transfer off-chain for free. This offer is available only if both parties are Coinbase users and is meant to skip the expensive crypto transfer fees on the blockchain. If you want to make sure that your friends and family are also using Coinbase, then go over the Coinbase referral program review to see how you can benefit from distributing the Coinbase promo code to your network.

How To Trade On Coinbase Pro App?

The Coinbase pro app is a must for every Coinbase user if you want to up your game in the crypto trading world. The Pro app offers greater control over your crypto assets and trading and, of course, lower trading fees. 

To begin trading in the Coinbase Pro app, you need to download the “Coinbase Pro” app on your mobile device and sign in to Coinbase

  • Enter your Coinbase E-mail account and Password and sign in; since it is your first time on the app, you will need to verify the device through an OTP sent to your phone. 
  • To enhance security measures and follow financial regulations, Coinbase will require you to be signed in to your Coinbase Pro account through your desktop. Remember to go to and not
  • You will need to verify your identity by adding a few details such as “First Name,” “Date of Birth,” among others. 
Coinbase Pro app verifying identity
  • Next, Coinbase will ask you a few questions, select the appropriate answers and click “Continue.” 
Coinbase pro registration questions
  • The next step is to verify the Coinbase account using an ID verification process. You can choose any of your Government-issued IDs and submit them. You will need to click pictures of both the front and backside of your ID card and submit them to the exchange. The verification process may take a few hours, and you will be informed via E-mail.
Coinbase Pro verifying your documents page
  • Once your Coinbase Pro account is verified, sign in to your account through your Coinbase Pro mobile app. 
  • Click on the “Markets” icon located at the bottom of the screen. The markets page will show the list of all of the biggest markets, and most of them will be fiat markets such as the pound, sterling, USD, and more. 
  • Choose the market you wish you trade in, such as the BTC market against pound sterling or any other fiat currency of your choice. Search for the market and click on it. 
  • The top left of the screen will show the cryptocurrency pair you will be trading along with the total volume of the cryptocurrency that was traded in the last 24 hours. The right-hand corner will show the estimated price of the cryptocurrency against the fiat currency.
Coinbase Pro app trading interface

The advanced charting option on the app allows you to check the price of the crypto every hour or minute, depending on your choice. There are other features such as “Depth” and “Book” that allows you to analyze your chosen crypto market and trading volumes so that you can make an informed decision. 

  • Next, you can either “Buy” or “Sell” cryptos under your “Orders” section. The process for both options is exactly the same, so you can place your order in whichever manner. There are three types of orders:
  • Market orders: This will allow you to only choose the amount you want to trade. You can either enter the amount you wish to trade or choose a percentage of your total assets you want to trade. Enter the amount, and you will see the fee included and the total amount of the fiat currency you will get, then place your order.
  • Limit order: This allows you to enter the amount you want to trade and set the limit for the price you want to trade at. 
  • Stop-loss order: This allows users to input a limit price and a stop price. The limit price will let you buy cryptos at a price you’ve set, while the stop price allows Coinbase to sell your cryptos at the price you’ve input so that you save losing your crypto assets at a lower price. 

Which Coinbase App Is Best?

Coinbase Pro app is the preferred app for hardcore Coinbase users because it offers better trading options with advanced features for efficient trading. Also, the trading fees in Coinbase Pro are much cheaper than the standard Coinbase platform. 

Coinbase Pro provides better discounts or offers to users with high trading volume. 

Coinbase App FAQs

How to check transaction history on the Coinbase app?

Go to “Watchlist” on your homepage and choose the cryptocurrency transaction history you wish to view. Proceed to the wallet of the particular crypto and scroll down to view the transaction history for that crypto.

How to withdraw from the Coinbase app?

Go to “Profile & settings” and choose “Add a Payment Method.” Choose the desired deposit method for your Coinbase account such as your US bank account, PayPal account, Euro bank account, or your credit/debit card to add the bank. Add your bank details and verify your account. You may need to send a small amount of money to your account by using the reference given on the screen to verify your account. The verification process takes one or two working days.

Why is Coinbase app so slow?

The Coinbase app slows down the website and is experiencing high traffic. You can restart the app after some time.


First-time users will benefit from the seamless user experience the Coinbase desktop app or the Coinbase Android app provides. You can begin your cryptocurrency trading right away by installing the Coinbase Pro app now! 

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