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You may have seen the following disclosure on all of our business, commercial, and financial product and services reviews and recommendations. It reads:

“We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more.” maintains a rigorous separation between the editorial process responsible for scrutinizing products and services, and any involvement from the sales team in forming financial partnerships. This ensures that our resulting ratings and rankings remain entirely uninfluenced. While we do generate revenue from some of the products and services we endorse through affiliated links, not all of our recommendations are driven by monetary gain. In this section, we will elucidate the processes involved in shaping our recommendations for products and services, resulting in reviews that are impartial, dependable, and worthy of your trust.

At the helm, our seasoned senior editorial team oversees all product evaluations, boasting extensive experience in crafting unbiased and insightful financial content. Further details about our editorial team can be found on our About Us page. However, our endeavors are collaborative, reflecting our strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in both our content and team composition. For deeper insights, please refer to our comprehensive Diversity & Inclusion Pledge.

The task of evaluating providers and offerings within the financial services realm is undertaken by a team composed of current and former industry practitioners, along with dedicated journalists. Their collective expertise, garnered from years of coverage in areas such as investments, financial markets, business, and personal finance, equips them to offer unbiased insights that are pivotal for readers’ informed financial decisions.

We are a team of experienced writers and editors who meticulously explore the vast retail landscape, spanning both online and offline domains, to pinpoint optimal products that enhance your lifestyle. Beyond our professional acumen, we embrace the perspective of consumers, nurturing a genuine enthusiasm for products and services that enhance convenience in your daily routine.

Our reviews encompass a range of categories, including business, commercial, and financial products and services, and manifest in four primary formats:

Business and financial product and service reviews, incorporating star ratings derived from our proprietary scoring methodology, shaped by our profound subject matter expertise and extensive research. Business and financial product and service reviews without star ratings, founded on our deep subject matter knowledge and detailed research. Commercial product reviews and recommendations without star ratings, built upon our extensive subject matter proficiency and meticulous research. Financial product recommendations influenced by interest rates, such as curated lists of top certificates of deposit (CDs) and high-yield savings accounts.

Our industry analysis guides the selection of companies for consideration, harmonizing with our comprehensive industry knowledge. A sophisticated scoring methodology is formulated to assess products and services from these companies, followed by data collection culminating in an overall star rating.

Industry assessment leads us to identify a cluster of relevant companies, drawing upon our profound industry insights. Standardized data is collated from public sources and user reviews to form comprehensive evaluations.

Our meticulous research yields a diverse array of product recommendations, carefully curated by subject-matter experts in each covered category. Our roster of editorial endorsements spans from budget-friendly choices to premium selections, with ongoing updates to ensure continued relevance and availability. These recommendations stem from reputable companies known for their exceptional customer service.

We take pride in our independence and impartial approach. Our team refrains from accepting complimentary samples for review and remains impervious to influence from retailers, PR firms, or sales representatives. Instead, we leverage our network of experts and testers to diligently evaluate products, empowering you to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

For financial products hinged on interest rates, such as CDs and high-yield savings accounts, our evaluation methodology takes a distinctive approach. We conduct daily tracking of rates across numerous institutions to identify the most favorable offerings. These rates serve as the cornerstone for our rankings, fortified by editorial criteria that sift out subpar options. We exercise discernment, excluding financial products with unjust early withdrawal penalties, ensuring our readers receive precise and valuable insights. Here are a few examples of financial products that undergo our daily scrutiny:

Please be aware that all products, including those we review and recommend, could potentially be subject to recalls or updated usage guidelines. We encourage you to remain vigilant and monitor official announcements from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for any potential recalls associated with your purchased products.

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At, our team exclusively suggests products and services that align with our own preferences and that, in our assessment, will bring benefits to our readers. We strongly encourage you to conduct your own research and exercise informed judgment when making financial choices.