PrimeXBT Referral Program Review of 2023

With growing investments in the cryptocurrency sector, associated services like crypto referrals and affiliated programs are also growing fast. Today, we’ll take a look at one such service that’s making a mark – the PrimeXBT affiliate program. We’ve put together this article as a PrimeXBT referral program review, but it’s much more than that. It’s a guide, a knowledge base, and analysis all rolled into one.

PrimeXBT is a great platform for monetizing your audience who have an interest in crypto products and especially crypto trading. Regardless of whether your medium is a blog, social media page, website, or YouTube channel, you can set up a steady stream of revenue and improve your own visibility.

As you can imagine, getting started on PrimeXBT is easy enough. The real challenge lies in making it work. To do that, you need the right insights coupled with the appropriate approach. And, that’s exactly what you’ll get here. 

PrimeXBT: The Platform

To start with, let’s cover some basics first. An appropriate place to begin is to understand the PrimeXBT platform and how it works.

PrimeXBT is a fairly recent yet powerful trading platform that allows its users to trade in global markets on Cryptocurrencies, Indices, Forex, and Commodities. And you can access all these markets from a single account.

PrimeXBT trading platform

PrimeXBT, as a trading platform, has multiple niche awards under its belt.

The website claims to execute 12,000 orders every second and a trading volume that exceeds $500 million on a daily basis.

PrimeXBT metrics

These impressive numbers have prompted the platform to increase its user base and trading volume through referral and affiliate programs. Today, our focus is to give you both an overall assessment and a detailed study of the PrimeXBT affiliate program and referral initiatives.

Overview of the PrimeXBT affiliate/referral program

The PrimeXBT affiliate program allows you to market the PrimeXBT platform to your visitors or followers in return for certain commissions or revenue.

PrimeXBT affiliate partner banner

The great thing about PrimeXBT’s referral program is that it’s almost a zero-requirement process. This inclusive system ensures that you or anyone with a voice/platform can try it out.

So, if you own, operate, or have influence over any website or platform, you can use it to refer and market the platform. When your referrals meet PrimeXBT’s requirements or start trading, you get specific commissions and payouts.

The amount you earn and the requirements for your marketing success can vary depending on the context and your performance. But the primary idea is the same – drive more traffic, users, or traders to the PrimeXBT platform and get specific benefits for those referrals.

PrimeXBT’s affiliate/referral program comes in two main categories.

  • The PrimeXBT referral program
  • The PrimeXBT CPA affiliate program.

While both programs deal with marketing the platform and finding new traders, there are variations that differentiate each program. Understanding the nuances of each program will allow you to choose the one that fits your approach.

Let’s take a more detailed look at each initiative.

The PrimeXBT Referral Program

The referral program is undeniably a very attractive deal for anyone who has basic marketing and advertising skills. It allows you to draw in new users for the platform through a personalized link, and you can earn up to 50% of the trading fees that your referred users pay when they use the platform.

PrimeXBT Affiliate ProgramCommission RateCommission DurationPayout FrequencyPayout CurrencyPromote PrimeXBT

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20-50%LifetimeDailyMultiPromote PrimeXBT!
PrimeXBT "Get paid for inviting friends" banner

How does the PrimeXBT referral program work?

  • Sign-up to the PrimeXBT referral program
  • Get your personal referral/affiliate link.
  • Share the link in your blog, channel, platform, etc., and garner new users for PrimeXBt.
  • When your referred users start trading, you get a specific percentage (up to 50%) of the fees they pay.
  • If these users find further referrals, you get a percentage from the fees they pay too.

Sounds easy enough? That’s because PrimeXBT has made it a straightforward and intuitive process. However, there are some details in between that you should know before diving into the program. Being aware of these subtle features will allow you to make full use of the program to your benefit.

We’ll give you a full and comprehensive guide on how to get started and how to start earning.

How to Sign up for the PrimeXBT Referral Program?

Signing up is undoubtedly the easiest step in the referral program. All you have to do is click on the ‘Register’ button on the top-right corner of the website.

As a new user, there are no special requirements. So, you can immediately open an account straight away, regardless of whether you plan to trade or not.

Once you click the button, a simple form will appear. Here, you’ll have to enter your email and a strong password for the new account. There’s also a field for entering your phone number, but it’s an optional entry.

PrimeXBT registration form

After you check the Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy box, click enter or ‘Register.’ A confirmation email will arrive in your inbox with a four-digit login pin. Use this pin to confirm your account, and you’re all set.

PrimeXBT four-digit pin e-mail confirmation

Congratulations, your account is now up and running!

How to get the PrimeXBT referral link?

Once you’re registered, you’ll be taken to your account’s dashboard. Here, if you plan to trade, this page will show you the balance in your total funds and the individual currency funds in your wallet (Eg. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

PrimeXBT personal affiliate link

To get your referral link, look for the ‘Referral’ tab on the left menu. It should be the second item on the list after ‘Dashboard’ and above ‘Reports.’

Click the ‘Referrals’ tab, and you’ll find your personal PrimeXBT affiliate link.

You can directly copy this link and use it in whatever platform or channel you operate in. Your strategy will be to convince your audience/visitors to use this link to sign up to the PrimeXBT platform.

How to share your personal referral link

There are a wide range of mediums to share your personal PrimeXBT referral link. When it really comes down to the process, your link’s outreach and visibility are only limited by your imagination.

Here are some popular examples of how referral links get visibility, clicks, and conversions.

How to promote the PrimeXBT referral program

  • Use your social media handles to share and market the PrimeXBT platform with your link. Whether it’s your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even a TikTok account, your link can be shared as a post, bio, clickable status, or comment.
  • YouTube constantly gets featured as one of the most used and influential platforms for communication. You can create informative videos or tutorials on the PrimeXBT platform and encourage viewers to sign-up with your link (in the description).
  • One of the easiest ways to share your personal referral link is on a blog or website that already enjoys traffic. Whether you own the site or you’re guest-posting, you can create wholesome articles and write-ups on PrimeXBT and include your link on the page. Common examples include writing a PrimeXBT exchange review to inform your visitors about the platform.
  • If you’re part of any forums or groups that deal with crypto products, such as Bitcointalk, that’s also a great medium to share links. When you participate in insightful discussions or troubleshooting, you can share the link along with descriptions of how the platform works.

How to earn from the PrimeXBT referral program

No PrimeXBT referral program review would be complete without a clear explanation of how you earn and what commissions you receive. So, here’s a detailed breakdown of the PrimeXBT referral program’s payouts and earnings.

The PrimeXBT referral program comes with a cascading structure of payouts for you, the one referring. It’s a system that allows both you and your referrals to earn further when your referrals bring in new users to the platform.

The payout isn’t as much as your direct referrals. But you still get a sizeable percentage of the indirect referrals that come through you. The structure comes in four tiers of referrals, each with its own designated percentage.

The PrimeXBT 4-tier Referral Program

So, the PrimeXBT 4-tier referral program lists four different levels of commissions that you get for reining in new users. Here’s a simple explanation of how it works.

The first level consists of those traders who signed up directly from your personal link. As they begin to trade, you get 20% of any trading fees they pay.

But the best part is yet to come. If and when your referrals invite new users, you get 15% of the trading fees paid by these new users. These are your second-level indirect referrals. Similarly, if those users invite and refer a new batch of traders, they become your third-level referrals. And, you get 10% of whatever trading fees they pay. Finally, if these third-level referrals bring in new users who sign up and trade, you get 5% of the total trading fees they dish out.

Here’s a visual representation that will better sum up what we just explained.

PrimeXBT 4-tier Referral Program infographic

So, you see, you can create a lucrative stream of income if you can refer users who are likely to invite other new users to the platform. Ultimately, if you can build a network of direct and indirect referrals, you get one of the top payout schemes available among trading platforms.

To provide even more depth into this PrimeXBT referral program, I’m going to show my personal earnings from the 4-tier program

My PrimeXBT referral network earnings

As you can see from the image (and mind you, this is only the BTC tab – you’re not seeing the ETH, USDT and USDC tabs and the individual earnings in these currencies), the PrimeXBT affiliate/referral program can be really lucrative. PrimeXBT builds it up to it being the level 2-4 referrals that are bringing the main commission, but in our case, it’s mainly been the direct referrals that have brought the big bucks, as we’ve focused on presenting the platform to actual traders, and thus haven’t encouraged them to go ahead and promote the exchange – but they did it anyway!

From the 94 funded referrals, they have referred 28 Level 2’s. These Level 2’s have then referred a combined 10 Level 3’s and lastly the Level 3’s have referred 5 Level 4’s to the platform. Pretty decent passive income, as the Level 2-4 referrals have brought in around 0.13 BTC in commission, which is everywhere between $5.000-$10.000, depending on when you’re reading this PrimeXBT referral program review.

Our direct referrals however seem to have loved the PrimeXBT platform, and have had a staggering total turnover of almost 35.000 BTC! This has in turn generated 2.3 BTC, which is around $85.000-$150.000 depending on the price of Bitcoin at the time of generating the commission.

Now, PrimeXBT was founded/launched in 2017, so if combining the Direct Referrals and the Level 2-4 referrals, this has brought in around 0.05 BTC per month ever since, however we didn’t start promoting the programme before 2019 or so, so it’s been more like 0.1 per month since then. At the time of writing this, with the BTC price hovering around $40.000, that would mean a $4.000 earned monthly from having participated in the PrimeXBT referral program. That’s quite decent, if you ask me.

The PrimeXBT 4-tier referral program is thus truly impressive and among the best referral payouts in the industry. Especially since the payout will come in the form of whatever currency your referral traded with.

So, you also stand a chance of accumulating balances in multiple currencies and tokens. With fears of Bitcoin going down, keeping your investments in different tokens helps you retain profit, enjoy these exchanges, and build a wider network.

PrimeXBT Affiliate ProgramCommission RateCommission DurationPayout FrequencyPayout CurrencyPromote PrimeXBT

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20-50%LifetimeDailyMultiPromote PrimeXBT!

Conditions for PrimeXBT Referral Program

This section was not included when we initially created this PrimeXBT referral program review. Being a zero-requirement sign-up platform, getting your referral link is easy even without engaging in trading.

However, PrimeXBT does have specific conditions that you have to uphold if you are to participate in the referral program. And in the spirit of honesty and forthrightness, we thought it best if you had all the information ahead of using the program.

These are the activities that you cannot engage in if you use the PrimeXBt referral program.

  • Participants are not allowed to bid on any terms that mention PrimeXBT on any of the search engines. This condition is meant to discourage deceptive trading and encourage an ethical exchange of resources and information.
  • You cannot share, use, or supply any information about PrimeXBT that is false or misleading.
  • You’ll have to comply with laws relating to data privacy, data transfer, and geographical restrictions where the platform does not operate (Eg. US, Quebec, Canada, etc.).
  • You are not allowed to encourage or promote any sort of discrimination/violence against individuals, groups, or governments.
  • You cannot participate in activities that harm PrimeXBT’s brand, customers, or operations. Here, PrimeXBT has the discretion of deciding what these activities are.

The 4-tier PrimeXBT Referral Program Review: The Verdict

An effective referral program focuses on two main results for its participants – earnings for the one referring and conversions/qualified referrals for the parent platform.

PrimeXBT’s 4-tier referral program cuts a fine balance between the two by offering enough for both parties. PrimeXBT participants can earn up to 50% of the total trading fees that their direct and indirect referrals pay. That means it is lucrative and profitable to such a degree that there will always be individuals or groups interested in it.

On the other hand, the attractive indirect referral commissions allow the platform to enjoy a steady flow of new users and visitors. Even if a fraction of this traffic converts and starts trading, it’s still a win-win scheme for both PrimeXBT and the referral participant.

Now that we’ve cleared what the referral program is and how it works let’s move on to the second category of affiliate marketing – the PrimeXBT CPA affiliate program.

The PrimeXBT CPA Affiliate Program

The PrimeXBT CPA affiliate program is the second category of referral/affiliate service that PrimeXBT offers. Here, the main difference is that the payout is in explicit figures (not percentages), and the amount varies depending on the type of user/traffic you drive to the platform.

The CPA, here, stands for ‘Cost Per Acquisition.’ CPA can assume slightly different meanings based on context and niche. But generally, it refers to the amount/commission a company is willing to pay for each new addition to its user base.

PrimeXBT partner banner

So, in a sense, the PrimeXBT affiliate program is also a referral program. But it has a wider variety of referrals you can make with a corresponding commission/reward.

Many PrimeXBT referral program reviews out there usually botch up the information regarding the PrimeXBT affiliate offers. They either contain half-truths or outdated offers that won’t really help you a lot. What you need is an accurate assessment of how this program works currently and how you can make the most of it.

How does the PrimeXBT affiliate CPA program work?

The PrimeXBT affiliate CPA program is a performance-based program that rewards those holding affiliate accounts for bringing in new users and visitors.

The program is an inclusive scheme where any individual or legal entity can sign up for a new account. The performance of the PrimeXBT affiliate is assessed and rewarded based on how he fulfills a variety of marketing and advertising strategies. So, there are variations in rewards for bringing in a new user, client, viewer, unqualified trader, unique qualified trader, or a registered user.

PrimeXBT lays out all the terms and conditions under which they reward affiliates who bring these new additions to the platform. For instance, there may be an agreement that lists the duration of the strategy, the advertising approach and pricing mechanism, internet marketing style, terms of payment, campaign details, etc.

Compared to the regular referral program, there are more nuanced forms of marketing and referring that affiliates can perform. So, an affiliate may simply drive more traffic towards the PrimeBXT platform or may accomplish a full referral where the new user trades and makes deposits/withdrawals.

How to sign up for the PrimeXBT CPA affiliate program?

To participate in the affiliate program, the initial registration on the home page is not enough. You must sign-up separately for an affiliate account on PrimeXBT.

To start off, simply click on the ‘Create Account’ button on the My PrimeXBT page.

PrimeXBT partner CPA login/create account

Once done, a sign-up form will appear where you’ll have to enter some basic registration details. Enter whichever email you want to use for the affiliate account. We recommend using a separate email for this purpose. That way, you don’t have to browse through a cluttered inbox full of non-affiliate content.

PrimeXBT CPA partner registration form

Next, create a secure and strong password to protect your account. Also, you’ll have to enter your Skype or Telegram ID/number here. Once that’s done, just click the agreement checkboxes and hit enter.

You’ll get a confirmation and instructional email for the next few steps, which are all simple and straightforward.

If the system prompts you to choose the kind of affiliate marketing you’re interested in, you can put in your preference. If there’s no prompt, simply skip this step.

Once all that’s done, your affiliate account will be ready and in operation in no time.

Who can use the PrimeXBT CPA affiliate program?

To keep this PrimeXBT referral program review fair and insightful, we’d like to point out that the CPA affiliate program has more conditions, but it also offers more options. So, there’s surely an added benefit (diversity of options) for the compromise (stricter conditions). However, it’s still open to any individual or entity with an audience.

So, what qualifies as an audience here? Well, there’s no explicit definition, but any platform with sizeable viewers/visitors can qualify.

Let’s look at some examples to see if you or your organization fits the affiliate bill.

  • The first and obvious participants are individuals who already have expertise and experience in affiliate marketing. But there’s a clear preference for individuals who deal with industry-specific marketing.

So, if you’ve done affiliate marketing for derivative securities like Options or Forex exchanges, you’re certainly in the race. However, there’s no rule that says that only these affiliate experiences matter. So, any professional experience with affiliate marketing counts for something here.

  • Next, if you operate a communications group, listing website, or a review website, the CPA affiliate program can work for you too. The requirements (Eg. X number of viewers, Y number of qualified traders, etc.) can be tailored based on your audience and platform.
  • Influencers, bloggers, and anyone with a decent following can also utilize this program. For instance, if you’re an Instagram influencer or a Twitch streamer with over 5000 active subscribers, you can give it a go. To consider subscribers as active on these platforms, you need them to be viewing, liking, commenting, paying, etc., for your content.
  • If you don’t fit into any of the potential affiliates mentioned above, worry not! The PrimeXBT CPA affiliate program is open to any individual or entity who can use available platforms to share their links. It can be something as simple as using your social media profile to share and post about the link. If you drive traffic or traders to the platform, you’ll likely get paid.

How much can I earn from the PrimeXBT CPA affiliate program?

PrimeXBT top earning partners

As with any other affiliate program, there are very few limits on the returns and profit you can make on this CPA program. So, in theory, the amount you can earn is only limited to how many new users, traders, customers, etc., you can direct to the platform.

For someone who commands persuasive rhetoric and marketing know-how, it’s a goldmine waiting to be uncovered. As you can tell from the list of top earners here, you can range anything from $0 to a few million dollars in total. The top three earners have a rough average of about $1.75 million. That’s about as good as it gets for simply referring and marketing a platform. Of course, you should note that these top three also have an estimated average of over 10,000 referrals. So, it’s definitely not something every user can achieve.

The only ceiling imposed here is the amount the platform is willing to pay for a newly acquired customer. The maximum CPA amount may vary depending on the platform’s plans and offers. So, we urge you to check their CPA page using our link to get the latest information. A PrimeXBT referral program review that doesn’t mention accurate rates of CPA and referral commissions should not be instantly trusted.

Affiliate earnings: Range and ceilings

PrimeXBT popular CPA offer

For now, the maximum CPA that PrimeXBT is willing to pay is $1,250. That’s one of the best rates in the industry for a single CPA. In this arrangement, if you can direct ten customers who become acquisitions, your payment immediately rockets up to $12,500.

Potential types of affiliate marketing

Also, there is a whole range of commissions depending on what your affiliate marketing accomplishes. While the upper limit is $1,250, the lower limit for CPA is $40, and many more levels in between. So, your reward or commission will also depend on the kind of requirements and parameters you fulfill for the PrimeXBT platform.

Thus, depending on your agreement and the platform’s conditions, you may get any of the following requirements as a PrimeXBT affiliate.

  • CPA: The ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ usually implies referrals that become qualified traders (signed up, registered, deposited, traded).
  • CPC: ‘Cost Per Click’ is when your visitors or audience clicks on the marketing material that PrimeXBT provides for your platform. While this may not be a big amount, it’s easier to accumulate in terms of click volume over time.
  • CPI: The ‘Cost Per Install’ would be the reward if one of your visitors clicked and installed PrimeXBT’s mobile application on their device. With apps all the rage today, it’s not a tall order to ensure a few installations from your users regularly.
  • CPM: ‘Cost Per Mile’ is the reward when your users/visitors click the relevant links on your page or channel and reaches the PrimeXBT platform. This action counts as a digital ‘view,’ the platform gets thanks to your channel. Also called impressions, these digital views get counted every thousand views.
  • CPL: ‘Cost Per Lead,’ is the commission you get when your audience arrives at the PrimeXBT platform through your link, signs up, and registers a trading account.

As you can tell, there is a broad range of affiliate actions you can take to promote the PrimeXBT platform. Each of these marketing ‘accomplishments’ will pay off slightly differently. Naturally, it’s more difficult to land a qualified trader compared to simply sending traffic. So, the commissions are also different.

Please note that all of these affiliate offers may not be available all the time. The PrimeXBT platform enjoys the discretion of putting up or removing any of these requirements. Additionally, they can also modify or determine what each offer means. For instance, in ‘Cost Per Lead,’ PrimeXBT reserves the right to decide what a ‘lead’ implies.

Estimates of average earnings

Individual earnings will differ from one affiliate to another. So, drawing comparisons between the top earner and a bottom earner beats the whole point of a PrimeXBT referral program review.

However, the good news here is that we can draw rough estimates of what an average earning may look like based on your client volume.

So, each affiliate offer (CPA, CPI, etc.) has a different reward amount. But if you can draw in, say, ten clients across these different offers, you can potentially earn up to $950 every month.

PrimeXBT income calculator

Alternatively, if you step up your efforts, the average income can also rise even more. Let’s imagine that you enhanced your marketing strategies, improved your narrative, focussed on a target audience, and refined your campaign. Each of these actions will boost your conversion and persuasion rates.

Sticking to this example, let’s assume that you reigned in 220 new users/clients for PrimeXBT. With those numbers, you could earn up to $21,000 (almost) on a monthly basis.

PrimeXBT earnings calculator slider

So, there’s really a very little restriction on how much and how often you can turn in new clients for added profits. A skillful affiliate can capitalize their marketing on multiple platforms and a variety of strategies to reach that golden number everyone yearns for.

As a fair and unbiased PrimeXBT referral program review, we also want to point out that hitting these numbers is easier said than done. It takes a lot of networking, marketing skills, outreach, and practical planning to accomplish. But the good news is that crypto trading is still a growing industry that can accommodate innovation and enterprising affiliates and marketers.

Note: These are estimated averages of what you could potentially earn. They are not guaranteed amounts for the number of clients mentioned.

The CPA Affiliate PrimeXBT Referral Program Review: The Verdict

The CPA affiliate program offers more flexibility in affiliate offers while bringing more explicit conditions to the fray. It does not have the appealing commission percentage of the referral program. But accumulating clicks, views, leads, registrations, etc., is easier than persuading people to start trading and investing. 

If you’re not great at converting visitors into unique qualified traders, the CPA affiliate program offers a practical route to monetizing your audience in bite-sized meals.

Combination of Referral and CPA Affiliate Program

This one’s more of a bonus tip that we decided to include because we felt that it’s relevant to the changing needs and demands of affiliate marketing. Not a single PrimeXBT referral program review explains this option clearly as far as we saw. Therefore, we decided to give you a brief overview.

PrimveXBT offers a combination of both the referral program and the CPA affiliate initiative. The good thing about this alternative is that you almost get the best of both the referral and the affiliate world.

So, you can earn the 50% trading fee commission on your referrals who start trading. At the same time, you can continue using your platform to generate leads for the PrimeXBT platform. The result is a double-edged sword that offers dual sources of revenue for you or your organization.

Yes, there’s a downside to this combo program too. It means you’ll have to juggle more marketing roles and networking strategies. You’ll have to decide whether the additional workload is worth the extra income you’re earning.

If you cannot strike a healthy balance, you’re better off focussing on one mode and excelling at it. But if you can deliver both referrals and leads without cutting corners, it’s a way more challenging yet lucrative option for any affiliate.

The Bottomline

If you’ve browsed any PrimeXBT referral program review recently, you’ve most likely encountered unbridled praise and endorsement of the platform. The whole purpose of a PrimeXBT referral program review is lost when the motive is simply to sell, persuade, and manipulate the reader.

Here, at, we do things a little differently. The entire focus of this PrimeXBT referral program review is to empower you to make financially sound and personally fulfilling decisions.

With that in mind, we maintain that the PrimeXBT platform is a robust and appealing platform for marketing affiliates, but not without its faults. The fact that there’s no regulatory mechanism or a trading desk leaves it wanting in some areas. However, it appears that successful affiliates are leveraging the attractive commissions to turn in impressive profits.

PrimeXBT Affiliate ProgramCommission RateCommission DurationPayout FrequencyPayout CurrencyPromote PrimeXBT

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20-50%LifetimeDailyMultiPromote PrimeXBT!

PrimeXBT Referral Program


The PrimeXBT referral program is top-notch with its multi-level referral network and its high base commission. The only thing preventing this referral program from getting 5 stars is the “promoteability” of the platform itself; it’s quite unknown and users don’t seem to be sticking around for too long – for now.

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