Poloniex Support Guide: How To Get In Touch With Poloniex in 2023

Poloniex is an active trading platform that facilitates buying, selling, or trading of digital crypto assets such as BTC (Bitcoin), TRX (TRON), ETH (Ethereum), and many other altcoins.

The exchange platform supports a large number of cryptocurrencies (over 200), futures trading, margin trading, spot trading, and lending.

Poloniex also offers customers low fees & discounts. However, the platform has gone through several security breaches in the past, along with reports of poor customer support. 

So, is Poloniex still suffering from such issues? Should new users be careful around the company? And how do you reach customer support? – These are some questions we will be covering on our Poloniex review today. 

Although the company’s crypto assets were once hacked and customer service seemed to be falling apart, Poloniex has made certain improvements and upgrades here and there to ensure a smooth user experience over the years. Let’s have a look at how customers can reach the platform.

How To Reach Poloniex Support

The thing with Poloniex customer support is that the company primarily provides its service only through Poloniex support email. Sounds modern and advanced enough, right? Well, there’s a catch. Poloniex does not offer customers any email address for direct support. 

So, without any direct Poloniex support number or mailing address, how can customers reach them? By submitting a request or ‘filing a Poloniex ticket‘ form (not applicable on the mobile app). 

After several attempts, Poloniex finally streamlined the entire customer support experience, which paved the way for a more efficient change. This allowed users to simply click on the support bubble, type in the required inquiry details via the guided prompts, and press submit.

Here are 4 easy steps in detail to access the support/ticket form:

  • Log in to your Poloniex account through the P.C./Mac browser or from the Poloniex app.
  • Scroll down the account dashboard and select ‘Contact Support‘ under the ‘Support‘ tab on the bottom right. This will redirect you to the Poloniex Support Center page.
Navigating to the Poloniex support page
  • After accessing the Contact Support page, you can click on the ‘REQUEST HELP‘ tab placed on the top right of the dashboard. This will redirect you to the form page. Users can also utilize the chatbot feature set at the bottom right.
Poloniex Support REQUEST HELP button
  • After accessing the form page, you can enter your Poloniex account details such as email address, what the subject of the issue is, description, attachments, etc.
Poloniex support form

Poloniex customers can also contact the company via their Twitter account with basic questions. 

Additionally, Poloniex offers its customers several article options in its support center online dashboard. The articles range from educational to tutorials that update users on New listings, trading on Poloniex, news announcements, how to get started on Poloniex, referral programs, campaigns, etc. 

Now, for users that are using the Poloniex mobile app, you can also acquire Poloniex support through the support bot found on the app. The bot can allow users to chat and request help on various issues.

Poloniex support live chat

In case of one-time code prompt failure, Poloniex offers the following contacts for customer support:

Poloniex customer support service still has a long way to go in terms of handling customer service. Although the company has improved substantially, Poloniex can benefit more from offering a direct mode of contact to its users to ensure transparency and attention. Even in terms of the platforms FAQ section, Poloniex mainly covers basic questions without providing many details on the matter itself.

Poloniex Support For US Customers

As Poloniex is no longer available for U.S. residents, U.S. customers were all able to cash out their crypto assets through Circle in the past. Unfortunately, if there are any U.S. customers that were not able to withdraw their funds, the Poloniex Support Team no longer extends their assistance. 

However, customers can get in touch with U.S. support from Circle Poloniex on any queries regarding the U.S. account. The clients can also reach further support either through the Poloniex website: https://support.poloniexus.com/hc/en-us.

How Poloniex Compares To Different Cryptocurrency Companies

Poloniex is accessible for interested crypto traders looking for access to futures and spot trading with very few I.D. verification requirements. The platform also offers margin trading to its verified users, while its high-volume traders can avail of discounts. 

Poloniex also provides a large selection of cryptos to trade, along with the feature of lending cryptocurrencies directly on Poloniex to earn interest. Overall, Poloniex as a digital currency exchange platform performs pretty decently for non-U.S residents that are interested in accessing a wide selection of crypto assets with low fees and coupled with the attractive Poloniex referral code the exchange could very well see a surge in users in the years to come.

Poloniex Support FAQs

How to file a ticket on Poloniex?

Poloniex customer support can only be reached via the support center, where users can submit a form or, in other words, ‘file a ticket form.’ Users can file the ticket by logging in to their Poloniex account, clicking the ‘contact support‘ section on the dashboard, and clicking on the ‘Request Help‘ option.

How long does Poloniex support take to respond?

Customer support service as provided by Poloniex was not their strongest suit, but the company has made some serious improvements on their platform, such as centralizing the customer support experience. This allows Poloniex to handle the support forms in an efficient manner and usually reply to the queries in half a day (usually within a few hours).

Why can’t I log in to the support center in Poloniex?

There may be several reasons why you’re unable to login successfully to your Poloniex support center, including:
– Captcha issues
– Incorrect password or email
– Experiencing 1015 error 
– Account is compromised
To resolve such issues, you can try resetting your password or disabling extensions like Adblock or VPN software, etc. You can also try clearing out the browser cache or resetting the Poloniex data storage.

Poloniex ticket, what does “requester” mean?

The requester is you if you’re filing a ticket. The ‘Request Help‘ bubble, as found on the Poloniex Support Centre page, is a feature that allows users to issue/submit a support form by clicking on the bubble. It directs users to a form page where users can submit their queries and concerns.

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