Poloniex Referral Program Review 2023

Poloniex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that Tristan D’Agosta launched in 2014. It has become one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms offering quality services for trading bitcoins and altcoins. 

It is an easy and straightforward platform to sign up to, with very minimal fees comparatively. Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports advanced trade types such as Margin trading with low fees and up to 2.5x leverage. They offer Margin lending trades as well, which helps you earn money passively through interests.

One of the best features about Poloniex that makes it stand out from its competition is the Poloniex lending bot like Aivren, which automates your Poloniex lending. This is a unique feature for more experienced and professional traders.

There are a lot of privacy privileges provided with Poloniex, like your identity verification being an option. You get a Poloniex mobile app for those who want to trade on the go. It comes with a simple interface, which only needs your email id for registration to the platform, making it completely hassle-free.

Poloniex also offers a range of different cryptocurrencies to trade on the platform, making it more versatile and dynamic, catering to a broad audience base. There are over 60 other cryptocurrencies that you can trade on the Poloniex platform, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (MXR), EOS (EOS), and many more.

They also offer various payment methods on the transaction page, such as credit and debit card payments and cryptocurrency transfers, to make the trading process smoother. The way that Poloniex is designed is made for ease of use by both professionals and newcomers.

Poloniex IEO LaunchBase

Those interested in Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) can use the Poloniex LaunchBase, where you will find the latest IEO projects. This will allow you to check them out early before becoming a big sensation, allowing you to invest in them if you believe they will make it big someday.

To participate in the Poloniex IEO LaunchBase event, you need to be a verified customer, which means that you need to complete your KYC and provide all the necessary details.

Poloni DEX Decentralized Exchange

The Poloni DEX is a version of the Poloniex crypto exchange platform that is decentralized. Poloni DEX is a TRON-based exchange that does not charge any trading fees and offers a seamless and smooth design for a hassle-free experience.

Like most decentralized Exchanges, the Poloni DEX also lacks liquidity, making it quite challenging to execute the trades smoothly on the exchange platform.

Poloniex Verification

Since Poloniex verification is optional, you can decide if you want to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer). If you choose to send these details, you get access to advanced features by providing your geographic location, First and Last name, Date of Birth, Address, City, and Postal code, along with your phone number.

In Poloniex, there are two levels of verification:

Level 1:

The default verification level when you sign up for Poloniex is the Level 1 verification tier. This level allows you to do spot trading, make deposits, impose up to 20,000 US dollars withdrawal daily limit, and other services provided by Poloniex. The unique features such as the IEO LaunchBase and margin trading will be unavailable for Level 1 customers.

Level 2:

For level 2 verification, you will need to provide many documents to verify that it is you, such as your address and phone number. Along with this, you will get added benefits such as Margin Trading, Auto Recovery, and IEO LaunchBase, which are not accessible for level 1 customers. Moreover, you also have a chance to get up to 750,000 US dollars every day.

Other than this, Poloniex also has a bunch of different account types for professional traders like large-volume traders and institutions. these are:

  1. Poloniex Plus Silver
  2. Poloniex Plus Gold
  3. Market Maker

The Poloniex Plus services offer even more benefits than Level 2 customers, such as a lower trading fee, account managers, whitelisting priority, increased withdrawal limits, and other premium features.

The difference between Poloniex Silver and Gold is that, with Silver, you get 4bps as a taker fee, while for Gold, it Is only 3bps. The reduction of the cost is also different for Silver at 60% and Gold at 70%.

The customer service for these different types of accounts can also differ, with Silver customers getting priority support whereas the Gold customers gain access to Account managers.

The Gold account also has API Priority Rate Limiting ad Whitelisting Priority, while the Silver customers get access to all the premium features and a Poloniex API limit increase.

Poloniex initially made the Market maker role or account to incentivize the top liquidity providers to join the exchange. This service offers users a rebate of 0.02% for every order placed under this service.

To join this program or to avail of the Market maker account, you should already have a 30-day trading volume. This should be held at a minimum of 10,000,000 US dollars, with at least 12 pair points for trading every month. The market performances are evaluated every month as well.

Eligibility For The Poloniex Referral Program

The most required eligibility for you to become an inviter in the Poloniex referral program is to be an existing customer. After creating an account on the Poloniex Cryptocurrency exchange platform, you can access your account settings, where you will find a unique Poloniex referral code.

Share this code with your friends and family or potential customers through your social media networks. There is no limit to how many times you can share your Poloniex referral code, so share as much as you can and earn just as much. Every person who joins the platform through your Poloniex referral code is another person from whom you can earn an income.

Already applied criteria for most trading platforms such as the Poloniex crypto exchange platform is that you have to be at least 18 years or above to be an active customer. 

You should also have a clean record without being suspended or removed from the platform previously or are a restricted person or citizen of any of the countries mentioned in the restricted territories list.

Restrictions To Sharing Poloniex Referral Codes

When it comes to sharing referral codes, you cannot invite existing customers onto the platform. If you keep asking people who already have an existing account with the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange platform, you may be disqualified or suspended from the Poloniex referral program. Once this happens, all the pending payments or the accrued referral rewards will get canceled with immediate effect. 

Another restriction for sharing Poloniex referral codes is that the platform does not allow acceptance of referrals or customers whose accounts are closed, frozen, or are from a region where Poloniex does not operate. Even if users sign up for these programs, there can be no rewards because their accounts are either frozen or inactive.

Poloniex operates worldwide except in the United States and other such restricted territories. You are not allowed to use any of their services if you belong to or are residents of any restricted nations or regions. Not following these regulations can have legal impacts and may lead to further implications. Therefore, it is best to check your country’s policies and Poloniex’s terms and conditions before opening an account.

Countries Where Poloniex Does Not Operate

Users are prohibited from using all of Poloniex’s services if they are a resident of or belong to the following nations:

1. United States

2. Cuba

3. Iran

4. North Korea

5. Seychelles

6. Sudan

7. Syria

Users cannot trade in the Margin service provided by the Poloneix crypto exchange platform if they are a resident of:

1. Belarus

2. Crimea

Users cannot trade in the Futures service provided by the Poloneix crypto exchange platform if they are a resident of:

1. Antigua and Barbuda

2. Burma

3. Algeria

4. Cote D’lvoire

5. Bangladesh

6. Crimea

7. Bolivia

8. Sevastopol

9. Burundi

10. Cuba

11. Ecuador

12. Iraq

13. The Democratic Republic of Congo

14. Iran

15. Ivory Coast

16. Morocco

17. North Korea

18. Nepal

19. Somalia

20. Sudan

21. Zimbabwe

22. Syria

23. Sudan

24. Seychelles

25. Liberia

26. Mali

27. Libya

In addition, you are not allowed to use Poloneix’s services if you are from any other country where the United Kingdom, United States, or the European Union embargoes goods. Or suppose you are a member of any sanctions list or an equivalent entity maintained by the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union. In that case, you will not be allowed on this platform.

Poloniex Referral Program Earnings

You can check out your earnings on the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange platform by going into the “my account” section. You can also view all your transactions and revenues. All the rewards that you earn through the Poloniex Referral Program are paid once a day, every day in USDC.

Poloniex Referral ProgramCommission RateCommission DurationPayout FrequencyPayout CurrencyPromote Now!
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20%180 DaysDailyUSDCPromote Poloniex!

Calculation Of Net Trading Fees

All the net trading fees on the Poloniex are calculated on a trade execution level. After someone uses your Poloniex referral code to sign up to the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange platform, each transaction from that account is calculated. The trading fee that the referrals pay is combined with the counterparty’s trading fees. Therefore, the net trading fees are calculated as:

Net Trading fees= (Referral’s trading fees + Trade counterparty’s trading fees)

For every trade that is completed, this net calculation occurs. The total net trading fee every day determines the payouts of both the referral and the inviter.

Poloniex Deposit & Withdrawal

Because Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform, all your Poloniex deposits and Poloniex withdrawals will have to be in crypto as well. This is a simple process where the transaction page will give the customers a wallet address. This address can be used for all the cryptocurrencies they want to deposit or withdraw. The wallet address allows the customers to enter their external crypto wallet address for any currency.

The one limitation about Poloniex is that they do not accept fiat deposits. However, you can still purchase bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies using your credit or debit cards. This transaction is processed through Simplex, which is Poloniex’s Crypto payments processor.

Simplex allows you to purchase anywhere between 50 US dollars to 20,000 Us dollars every day, which can culminate up to 50,000 US dollars every month. The processing fees for all these transactions cost 10 Us dollars or 3.5% of the total amount during the transaction, whichever amount is higher. 

The Poloniex crypto exchange platform can charge the user for the withdrawal of funds, depending on the type of cryptocurrency they want to withdraw. All these withdrawals and deposits are executed reasonably quickly. 

Information Privacy When Using Poloniex Referral Codes

When you signup using someone’s Poloniex referral code, you can see how many rewards they have earned through the Poloniex referral program. Even the inviter can see how much you have made after becoming a referral.

The inviter will also see the total number of referrals that have joined the platform using their Poloniex referral code. Besides this, additional personal information entered when signing up for the program or creating an account with Poloniex cannot be viewed either by the referral or the inviter.

 The reward list is divided into two on a cumulative and daily basis:

  1. Inviter rewards
  2. Referral rewards

Poloniex Referral Program FAQ

Poloniex Referral ProgramCommission RateCommission DurationPayout FrequencyPayout CurrencyPromote Now!
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20%180 DaysDailyUSDCPromote Poloniex!

How does the Poloniex referral program work?

The Poloniex Referral program lets all its users invite friends to the Poloniex platform to earn money through trading fees that they pay. The commission rates for you as a referrer is set at 20%, while your referral also makes 10% back.

There is a cap of 5000 USDC on this platform that both you and your referral combined can earn. Another alternative is that both the user and the referral can receive these rewards for their promotions for 180 days. The days are counted from the date of the referral’s signup. 

The Poloniex referral program pays its affiliate marketers once every day in USDC. You will stop receiving rewards from the Poloniex Referral program when either one of these conditions is met.

However, since there is no limit to how many referrals you can have, it is almost like you have an unlimited number of days to earn rewards without any market cap. 

Because of this condition, there are countless opportunities for you to earn a significant amount of money through the referral program at Poloniex.

When it comes to the Poloniex referral program, there are two parties that you need to know:


Inviters are the customers that can “invite” their friends or their referrals to the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange platform. When you sign up to the forum, you can create an account, for which you receive a Poloniex referral code or a Poloniex referral link.

You can copy and share this link on your social media platform or any other social network to gain referrals. When your friends or referrals join the website using your Poloniex referral code or Poloniex referral link, you will receive a 20% commission on all your referral’s trading fees. The best part about this program is that you can have an unlimited number of referrals.


Referrals are your friends or the customers you bring on to the platform through your Poloniex referral link or code. When your referral creates an account, they should use your referral code when they sign up to avail of a 10% discount on their trading fees and earn you 20% of what they pay.

After you join the platform, you can also become an inviter, invite your friends onto the platform, and earn money accordingly.

How to sign up for the Poloniex referral program?

  1. Visit the Poloniex website and proceed to create a new account.
  2. Ensure that Poloniex is operating in your region before you set up your account, as noncompliance with such terms may lead to a legal battle. You should also consider other restrictions such as age.
  3. Enter all the necessary information to verify your account. This verification process will ask you for your geographic location, name, address, date of birth, and phone number. You will have to provide all the documents for such verifications.
  4. Before continuing to the next page, add any Poloniex referral codes or Poloniex referral links if you have any. This is an excellent way to save up on some money since Poloniex offers a 10% rebate for all referrals.
  5. After entering all the details, confirm your email address by clicking on their provided link.
  6. This action will redirect you back to your account. Your account has been created.
  7. Now, you can log in to your account and avail your Poloniex referral code or link.
  8. Copy your Poloniex referral code or link and share it with your friends. You can even add the code on your social media sites and platforms to get more customers.
  9. Whenever anyone uses your Poloniex referral code or link to sign up to the platform, you will earn a 20% commission on every trade that your referral makes. Your referral will also get to enjoy a 10% rebate on all trading fees.
  10. Work to expand your network and reach out to more potential customers by generating the correct type of traffic for your Poloniex referral codes and links. There is no limit to how many referrals you can have, so the more you share, the higher are your chances of getting referrals.

What are Poloniex Fees?

Poloniex is among the lowest fees in the cryptocurrency industry. You will be charged for all spot trades, withdrawals, and margin trades. Poloniex does not ask for money when depositing cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, customers have to pay a fee for withdrawing your rewards and payouts. These are set separately, according to the network of cryptocurrencies that you traded.

In Poloniex, withdrawing a bitcoin will cost you just 0.00045 BTC, which is among the lowest-rated fees considering withdrawals.

For other famous cryptocurrencies, Poloniex charges:

  1. Dogecoin (DOGE): 20 DOGE
  2. Litecoin (LTC): 0.0001
  3. Ethereum (ETH): 0.01
  4. Monero (XMR): 0.0001
  5. Dash (DASH): 0.01 

The margin lending and borrowing feature for all the Poloniex Plus customers comes at a low fee, which will ultimately allow you to sit and earn passively from all your cryptocurrency assets. Interest is paid to the lender. After this, the interest for the borrowed amount is specified according to how the lender wants. Therefore, there isn’t just one standard percentage.

Typically, lenders tend to pay a 15% fee on the earned interest, which the borrower already pays. How much fee you pay will be decided by whether or not the user is the taker or the maker, along with the 30 days trading volume.

Poloniex provides a 0.09% maker fee for every margin trade executed and a 0.09% taker fee. Poloniex also has a 2.5% leverage, with fees as low as 0.09%. 

How to apply the Poloniex referral code?

When a new user applies for a new account on the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange platform, there is a slot where you can enter the inviter’s code. Be sure to read the signup page properly when creating your account, as there is no way to add the Poloniex referral code once the account has been created.

Poloniex referral program commission

The Poloniex affiliate program commission rate is set at 20% for every successful transaction made by your referral. You can ask your friends and any other potential clients to join Poloniex using your referral code to get a chance to experience a 20% commission rate for every trade made by your referral. In comparison, your referral also earns a 10% rebate on all trading fees.

This offer is valid for 180 days from the day your referral signs up using your Poloniex referral link or code. Or else, you and your referral can both earn a collective amount of 5000 USDC before your benefits expire. Whichever of these two events occurs first will be considered valid.

Earning Money Through The Poloniex Affiliate Program

1. Sign up

Open the Poloniex website and enter your email to register as a new user. Fill in all the necessary details and confirm to proceed with your new account.

2. Add Poloniex referral code

If you have a Poloniex referral code, or came to the Poloniex page through someone’s account, add the Poloniex referral code before you finish setting up your account. This is an important step, as you will be able to earn back 10% of all your trading fees with the referral code.

3. Get code

After becoming an official customer of the Poloniex platform, you can go to your account settings and access your unique Poloniex referral code.

4. Invite friends

You can share this unique Poloniex referral code with all your friends, family, and potential customers. You can put up the Poloniex referral link or your Poloniex referral code on all your social media platforms to gain more traffic for your page.

Every person who joins the Poloniex platform through your referral link is another person from whom you can earn an income.

5. Start earning

All your referrals will get a 10% fee rebate just as you got when you join with a Poloniex referral code. When your referrals trade or make any transaction, you will be able to earn a 20% commission. This will be a consistent income until you and your referral both reach a reward cap of 5000USDC.

6. Expand network

You can become a pro at affiliate marketing by creating dedicated social media web pages and sites for your Poloniex referral codes. Get to know your audience and target only those you think can generate the proper traffic and earn you more money.

Always look to expand your social network and share as much as you can. The more referrals you get, the more money you will earn.

Poloniex Referral ProgramCommission RateCommission DurationPayout FrequencyPayout CurrencyPromote Now!
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20%180 DaysDailyUSDCPromote Poloniex!

Terms & Conditions of Poloniex Referral Program:

  1. All rewards and payouts are given to the referrals and the inviters once every day in USDC.
  2. As an inviter, you will earn a 20% commission rate for each referral who enters the platform through your referral code. All referrals earn a 10% rebate on their trading fees when using a Poloniex referral code to sign up.
  3. Rewards are calculated as Net Trading fees= (Referral’s trading fees + Trade counterparty’s trading fees)
  4. The total trading fees from both the referral and the trade counterparty determine the inviters and the referral’s payouts daily.
  5. Both the inviter and referral’s total rewards should be more than 0.00000001 USDC to earn daily rewards.
  6. In this platform, there is a cap of 5000 USDC which means that you and your referral can make a total of 5000 USDC; after this, you will stop receiving rewards for any trades. Other than this, you are eligible to receive 180 days for the promotions you share on your social networking sites, counted from the date that your referral signs up. Whichever condition is first met will be valid. 
  7. All level 1 and level 2 customers can take part in the Poloniex Referral Program. All these customers can have an unlimited amount of referrals.
  8. You can connect one referral to only one inviter. 
  9. The inviter’s code should be entered when the referral creates an account. If the Poloniex referral code is not entered during signup, there is no way to enter the referral code after the account has been created. If that happens, both the referral nor the inviter will experience the benefits and bonuses of the Poloniex referral program.
  10. Customers cannot invite themselves as new referrals to earn the rewards on the POloniex Referral program. If the system detects such activity, they can suspend your account and even disqualify you from the Poloniex Referral Program. Upon disqualification, all the referral rewards that you have earned and any pending payments will be canceled.
  11. Customers are also not allowed to invite accounts that are already frozen, closed, or inactive. If active or existing Poloniex customers do not own the accounts, they can suspend your account and even disqualify you from the Poloniex Referral Program. Upon disqualification, all the referral rewards that you have earned and any pending payments will be canceled.
  12. The Poloniex team will also be unable to send you your rewards and payouts if your account is frozen, closed, or inactive. You should also ensure that Poloniex operates in your country. If the platform is prohibited, you will not receive any payouts from Poloniex.
  13. Poloniex, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, holds all the rights to modify the rules and regulations relating to the Poloniex referral program. Poloniex can do this by publishing an article about the modifications in their help center article.


Since Poloniex has a straightforward interface, it is easy to understand and navigate for all users. It is also considered one of the most accessible platforms to sign up for since you only need to provide your email for a Level 1 verification. Even with this account, you can make multiple payments and carry out different tradings. If you wish, you can even upgrade to other, more advanced accounts, such as getting the level 2 verification done or climbing to the Poloniex Plus accounts. 

It is also relatively easy to manage and monitor your funds, transactions, and tradings on the Poloniex platform. Those interested in Poloniex who don’t have cryptocurrencies can directly buy them through the platform. You can use your credit or debit card to purchase the Simplex integration. This transaction will cost you about 10 US dollars or else 3.5% of the total amount.

The viewing window for Poloniex is also customizable, which makes it more personalized for each user. You can also find a Notice box at the bottom of the page where This handle will give all the updates and the latest information regarding Poloniex and your personal account. 

Completing a task or a trade is relatively fast and easy with Poloniex. Even when it comes to withdrawing your funds, Poloniex guarantees that your account will reflect the amount within 24 hours. 

For a even more in-depth overview of the platform, please see our Poloniex review.

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