Coinbase vs. Coinbase Advanced Trade: Comparing Trading Platforms



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Coinbase has been a staple in the cryptocurrency market, providing a platform for users to buy, sell, and store various digital assets. Historically, Coinbase Pro was the venue for more seasoned traders who sought detailed charts, complex order types, and lower fees. In a significant update, Coinbase Pro customers have been transitioned to Coinbase Advanced Trade as of November 2023. This move signals a consolidation of services, streamlining the trading experience on Coinbase’s platforms.

Two computer screens side by side, one displaying the regular Coinbase platform and the other showing the more complex Coinbase Advanced Trade interface

Coinbase Advanced Trade presents itself as the evolved form of its predecessor, offering users an enhanced trading platform equipped with sophisticated tools and an intuitive interface. It’s designed to cater to the needs of the more experienced trader, without alienating those who are new but eager to learn. The platform boasts interactive charts from TradingView, a variety of advanced order types, and comprehensive access to a broad array of trading pairs. Understanding the differences between Coinbase and Coinbase Advanced Trade is crucial for traders to make informed decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Coinbase Advanced Trade is the upgraded replacement of Coinbase Pro offering advanced trading tools.
  • The platform is designed for experienced traders while maintaining accessibility for newcomers.
  • Users must consider platform differences in fees, trading features, and ease of use before choosing.

Understanding the Basics

Navigating the world of cryptocurrency exchanges can be complex, but understanding Coinbase and its advanced trading platform can simplify your trading experience.

What Is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a highly recognized cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows you to buy, sell, and store various digital assets. As a user-friendly interface, it’s designed for individuals looking to enter the cryptocurrency market. Initially launched with a vision to make crypto accessible to everyone, Coinbase supports a broad range of cryptocurrencies and offers convenient features, such as:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Ideal for beginners in the crypto space.
  • Wallet Services: Provides a secure place to store digital assets.
  • Educational Resources: Helps new users understand crypto trading.

What Is Coinbase Advanced Trade?

Coinbase Advanced Trade is the successor to Coinbase Pro, representing the next step for users seeking more sophisticated trading tools. It caters to experienced traders who require advanced functionality, such as:

  • Detailed Interactive Charts: Powered by TradingView, they provide insights into market trends.
  • Enhanced Order Types: To execute complex trading strategies.
  • Real-Time Order Books: Helping you make informed trading decisions.

Coinbase Advanced Trade maintains the user-friendly aspects of its predecessor while offering comprehensive tools geared toward detailed analysis and trading.

Comparing Platforms

Two computer screens side by side, one displaying the standard Coinbase platform and the other showing the advanced trade interface. Various cryptocurrency charts and trading tools are visible on both screens

When examining Coinbase and Coinbase Advanced Trade, you should consider their differences in user interface, available cryptocurrencies, and security measures to determine which is better suited to your trading needs.

User Interface and Experience

Coinbase is tailored for users new to cryptocurrency investing with a straightforward interface for buying and selling assets. In contrast, Coinbase Advanced Trade, formerly known as Coinbase Pro, offers an environment with detailed analyses and advanced features for seasoned traders. You’ll find that Coinbase Advanced Trade has integrated enhanced TradingView charts, enabling you to customize your trading experience and analyze trends more accurately.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Both platforms offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies for trading. Coinbase is known for its ease of access, supporting the purchase and sale of popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Conversely, Coinbase Advanced Trade expands on this offering with a broader array of assets, allowing for a more diverse trading strategy.

FeatureCoinbaseCoinbase Advanced Trade
Number of AssetsLimitedExtensive
Asset AccessibilityBeginner-friendlyExperienced traders

Security Features

Coinbase provides strong security features, including two-factor authentication (2FA) and biometric fingerprint logins. Coinbase Advanced Trade inherits these security measures and adds sophisticated API key permissions, giving you granular control over third-party applications interacting with your account.

FeatureCoinbaseCoinbase Advanced Trade
Two-Factor AuthenticationYesYes
Biometric LoginsYesYes
API Key PermissionsStandardAdvanced

Your consideration of user experience, supported assets, and security will guide your choice between Coinbase’s simplified approach and Coinbase Advanced Trade’s in-depth platform.

Account Management

Managing your account on Coinbase and Coinbase Advanced Trade involves understanding the differences and capabilities of both platforms. From account creation to security and funding, it’s important for you to know how each process works and how they differ.

Creating and Managing Accounts

When you sign up for Coinbase, the process is straightforward. You’ll provide your legal name, email address, and password, followed by a verification process. On Coinbase Advanced Trade, the creation process is integrated; your existing Coinbase login credentials grant access, simplifying the transition.

FeatureCoinbaseAdvanced Trade
Account CreationEmail, name, passwordSame as Coinbase
Access to FeaturesBasic buying/sellingAdvanced trading tools

To manage your account settings and preferences, both platforms offer a user dashboard, though Advanced Trade includes more detailed options for professional trading activities.

Security Mechanisms

Coinbase has robust security measures including two-factor authentication (2FA) to protect your login and transactions. Your digital wallet is also safeguarded with best-in-class encryption and security protocols.

Advanced Trade inherits these features and adds additional layers tailored for advanced users. You’re encouraged to use 2FA every time you login, ensuring only you can access your funds and account.

FeatureCoinbaseAdvanced Trade
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)SupportedSupported
Wallet SecurityHigh encryptionHigh encryption

For both platforms, you must always safeguard your login credentials and enable 2FA for an extra layer of security.

Account Funding

To fund your account on Coinbase, you can transfer funds from your bank or link a credit/debit card. Your USD balances in a Coinbase wallet are FDIC-insured up to $250,000, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your funds.

Advanced Trade allows funding through the same mechanisms, but also offers additional options tailored for traders such as staking rewards and more intricate asset management tools.

FeatureCoinbaseAdvanced Trade
Funding MethodsBank, cardsBank, cards, staking rewards
FDIC-Insured USD BalancesUp to $250,000Up to $250,000

Both platforms prioritize ease of access to funds, with Coinbase providing the foundational features and Advanced Trade expanding upon them for a more diverse trading experience.

Trading on Coinbase Platforms

As you navigate the ecosystem of Coinbase platforms, it is crucial to understand the specifics of buy/sell operations, the variety of trading pairs and volume, as well as the advanced trading tools at your disposal. These elements are fundamental in optimizing your trading strategy on either Coinbase or Coinbase Advanced Trade.

Understanding Buy/Sell Operations

Buy and sell operations are the foundational actions on Coinbase platforms. You can execute these as either market orders, which are filled immediately at the current market price, or limit orders, where you set a specific price for buying or selling. Limit orders may not execute immediately but can help you manage risk and enter the market at your desired price point.

Exploring Trading Pairs and Volume

Trading on Coinbase involves a variety of trading pairs, offering you the flexibility to trade across different cryptocurrency assets. Volume, reflecting the number of assets traded in a given timeframe, influences the volume-based fees structure, with higher volumes often leading to lower fees. Here’s a list of common trading pairs on Coinbase platforms:


Understanding the volume for each pair can inform your decisions and potential for liquidity when placing trades.

Utilizing Advanced Trading Tools

Coinbase Advanced Trade provides you with a suite of sophisticated trading tools. You have access to real-time charting tools with indicators like Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Relative Strength Index (RSI) to analyze market trends. Additionally, you can use various order types to execute strategies that align with your trading objectives:

  • Stop orders help limit potential losses by setting a stop price.
  • Trailing stop orders let you protect gains by placing a stop order that moves with favorable market trends.

Leveraging these tools with confidence can help you make informed decisions and manage your trades effectively.

Fee Structure Overview

When trading on Coinbase platforms, you’ll encounter different fee structures that are important to be aware of in your transactions. Here, we break down how fees compare between the standard Coinbase and Coinbase Advanced Trade, as well as explain the maker-vs-taker model and provide you with strategies to reduce fees.

Comparison of Fees

Coinbase follows a pricing model that includes transaction fees, and these can vary based on the payment method, location, and other factors. Coinbase Advanced Trade generally offers lower fees and more complex pricing structures. Your trading volume and whether your orders are makers or takers will heavily influence the fees you pay.

Maker vs. Taker Fees

Coinbase uses a maker-taker model to determine transaction fees on both of its platforms, but the specifics vary:

  • Maker fees apply when you add liquidity to the market by placing an order that is not immediately matched by an existing order.
  • Taker fees are charged when you remove liquidity from the market by placing an order that is matched immediately with an existing order.

Fees for both maker and taker orders may decrease as your trading volume increases, highlighting the volume-based fee structure.

Fee Reduction Strategies

To reduce your fees when using Coinbase platforms, you should:

  • Prefer being a maker to take advantage of potential lower fees.
  • Increase your trading volume to move to a higher tier with lower fees.
  • Participate in staking to earn rewards which can offset some of the transaction costs.

Keep in mind that participating in staking on Coinbase incurs a commission, which is a percentage of the rewards earned.

Advanced Trading Features

Coinbase Advanced Trade offers a suite of features designed to provide you with a comprehensive trading experience. This includes enhanced charting tools, extensive market analysis indicators, and real-time order book insights, ensuring you have all the necessary tools at your disposal for informed decision-making.

Charting Tools

Your experience on Coinbase Advanced Trade is enriched with interactive charts powered by TradingView. This includes access to a multitude of chart types and time frames, which allows you to tailor the charting interface to your personal preferences and strategies. Features like EMA12 and EMA26 indicators are readily available, offering you vital moving average data for sophisticated trend analysis.

Market Analysis Indicators

In your market analysis, MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) serves as a key indicator on Coinbase Advanced Trade. It helps you anticipate price momentum and potential reversals by signaling the relationship between two moving averages of a token’s price. Using MACD, alongside other indicators provided on the platform, you’re equipped to make data-driven trades.

Order Books Insights

The order book on Coinbase Advanced Trade reveals the depths of market demand and supply with clarity. It allows you to see real-time buy and sell orders, providing transparency and detailed insight into market activity. This helps you gauge the strength of various price levels and liquidity, which can inform your trading decisions.

By utilizing these advanced trading features, you’re better positioned to navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency markets with accuracy and efficiency.

Security and Safety

A secure vault with a locked door and advanced security systems. A trading platform with advanced encryption and safety features

When considering Coinbase or Coinbase Advanced Trade, your peace of mind regarding security measures, insurance, and the safety of your funds and investments is paramount. Both platforms leverage a strong security framework, but Advanced Trade offers additional sophisticated options accommodating more experienced users.

Insurance and FDIC Coverage

Coinbase provides insurance by holding a policy that covers any losses resulting from a breach of their physical security, cyber security, or by employee theft. This does not cover individual account breaches. FDIC insurance is available for USD balances up to $250,000 per customer, similar to what you’d find with traditional bank accounts.

Cold Storage and Wallet Security

The majority of cryptocurrencies on both Coinbase and Advanced Trade are stored in cold storage, with only a small percentage held in online wallets to facilitate liquidity. Cold storage refers to keeping digital assets offline, greatly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Cold Storage: At least 98% of funds are offline
  • Online Wallets: Remainder kept online for liquidity

Additionally, Coinbase offers a secure wallet service, which undergoes regular security audits to safeguard your assets.

Advanced Security Options

For users seeking heightened security on Coinbase Advanced Trade, various advanced features are presented:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Adds an extra layer of security on top of your password.
  • YubiKey support: Physical security keys for stronger account protection.
  • Address Whitelisting: Ensures funds can only be withdrawn to trusted addresses.
FeatureCoinbaseCoinbase Advanced Trade
YubiKey Support
Address Whitelisting

Opting for these additional security measures can provide you with an extra level of defense against potential security breaches.

Additional Services and Products

Two screens side by side, one labeled "Coinbase" and the other "Coinbase Advanced Trade." Charts, graphs, and trading tools are displayed on each screen, with a clear distinction between the two platforms

Coinbase has diversified its offerings to ensure that you have access to a variety of services beyond simple trading. These services offer additional benefits and financial tools tailored to aid in your cryptocurrency journey.

Coinbase Rewards and Staking

You can earn rewards on your cryptocurrency holdings through Coinbase Rewards, which provides competitive annual percentage yields (APY). Particularly, through staking, you become eligible to earn additional cryptocurrency on certain proof-of-stake (PoS) assets. This can be an effective way to increase your holdings passively, leveraging the APY to accumulate more over time.

Coinbase Borrow and Vault

With Coinbase Borrow, you have the option to take out a loan using Bitcoin as collateral, giving you access to cash without needing to sell your investments. Separately, Coinbase Vault is designed as a security feature, providing an added layer of protection for your funds. Vaults require multiple email approvals and a waiting period for withdrawals, enhancing the security of your stored assets.

Coinbase Card and USD Coin

The Coinbase Card allows you to spend your cryptocurrency as easily as the money in your bank account. It converts your digital assets on the fly for purchases and ATM withdrawals worldwide. Additionally, with USD Coin (USDC), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, you gain the advantage of reducing market volatility when managing your crypto finances.

Mobile and Desktop Experience

Navigating Coinbase’s platform across your devices provides a seamless trading experience, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Coinbase Mobile App

Coinbase offers a user-friendly mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app maintains a high rating, with iOS users giving it a 4.7 and Android users a 4.1 out of 5. This disparity suggests that your experience may vary slightly depending on the device. In the mobile app, you can access key features such as:

  • User-controlled storage
  • Stablecoins and staking
  • Rewards earning through Coinbase Earn

These features ensure that your trading and investing activities can be managed conveniently from wherever you are.

Web Interface Access

Accessing Coinbase through the web interface, you’ll find a comprehensive and advanced trading experience previously known as Coinbase Pro, now integrated into Coinbase Advanced Trade. As of November 2023, Coinbase Pro is no longer supported and all functionalities have moved to the Advanced Trade platform. The web interface provides:

  • Advanced TradingView charts with 104 indicators
  • A variety of advanced order types
  • Accessibility through both web and mobile interfaces

The migration to Coinbase Advanced echoes a commitment to offering intricate tools and features without toggling between different platforms. This ensures your online trading is on par with professional standards, all within a single, consolidated web interface.

Educational and Support Resources

Coinbase and Coinbase Advanced Trade both offer unique educational content and customer support tailored to different levels of expertise in cryptocurrency trading.

Learning About Cryptocurrency

As you begin or continue your journey in cryptocurrency trading, Coinbase provides a user-friendly platform designed for beginners. You’ll find a range of educational resources that cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies and how to get started with trades. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Guides: Step-by-step tutorials on buying, selling, and managing crypto assets.
  • Articles: Written content explaining crypto terms and industry dynamics.
  • Videos: Visual learning aids to help you grasp complex crypto concepts.

In contrast, Coinbase Advanced Trade is suited for users with more experience. The platform may offer deeper insights into market trends and more complex trading strategies. Their resources could include:

  • Webinars: Sessions conducted by industry experts on specific trading techniques.
  • Market Analysis: Detailed reports providing a greater understanding of market movements.
  • Technical Resources: Advanced guides on utilizing the platform’s comprehensive trading tools.

Customer Support Services

When it comes to customer support, both Coinbase and Coinbase Advanced Trade are set up to assist you with any issues you may encounter. Here’s a brief overview of their support services:


  • Live Chat & Email: Get your basic queries resolved with easily accessible support.
  • FAQs and Help Center: A repository of commonly asked questions for quick self-help.

Coinbase Advanced Trade:

  • Dedicated Support Line: A more direct line for urgent and complex inquiries.
  • Advanced Ticketing System: Priority handling of your trading issues and technical questions.

Both platforms are committed to providing a safe and supportive trading environment, with Coinbase focusing more on beginners and Coinbase Advanced Trade catering to the needs of users seeking in-depth support for sophisticated trades.

Company Insights

In exploring Coinbase and its evolution into Coinbase Advanced Trade, you will uncover the roots of a pioneering crypto exchange and the strategic direction shaped by its leaders.

The History of Coinbase

Coinbase was founded in June 2012 by Brian Armstrong, a software engineer and entrepreneur with the vision to simplify the use of Bitcoin for the general public. Starting as a platform to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin, it rapidly expanded to support numerous other cryptocurrencies. Coinbase distinguished itself as a user-friendly platform, attracting both novice and seasoned investors and growing to be one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

Leadership and Vision

Brian Armstrong remains at the helm of Coinbase as CEO, driving the company’s vision. Armstrong’s leadership focuses on making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone and promoting an open financial system. Under his guidance, Coinbase has launched advanced trading features, outlined a commitment to security and regulatory compliance, and now, with Coinbase Advanced Trade, aims to provide an all-inclusive platform catering to the needs of both seasoned and institutional traders.

Coinbase’s journey from a simple service for Bitcoin transactions to a full-fledged exchange offering a wide range of services demonstrates the company’s adaptability and commitment to innovation in the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

Ecosystem and Community

A bustling ecosystem with various digital currencies and trading tools. Coinbase vs. Coinbase Advanced Trade. Different elements interacting and coexisting in the same space

Coinbase has transitioned from its separate Pro platform to a more integrated environment with Coinbase Advanced Trade, offering you a robust ecosystem with an emphasis on community engagement and the integration of various services.

Integration with Other Services

Coinbase Advanced Trade strengthens its ecosystem by providing you with seamless integration of various products and services. The transition from Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade means your crypto balances, trading platforms, and other financial tools are now accessible in a unified account. This consolidation simplifies management and usage for you, offering a comprehensive suite of features:

  • Dapp Wallet: Integrated directly, giving you control over your crypto assets.
  • Staking: Easy access to staking rewards within the same platform.
  • Derivatives: A new feature that enhances your trading capabilities.

Integration provides a streamlined experience, cutting down the time you spend navigating between services and increasing your efficiency.

Community Engagement and Growth

Coinbase Advanced Trade focuses on fostering a strong community by engaging users through educational resources and rewards incentives. The platform hosts an array of educational content that keeps you informed on the latest trends and guides you through the complexities of cryptocurrency trading, thus encouraging growth within its user base. Additionally, community feedback is often sought to improve platform features.

  • Rewards Incentives: Encourages active participation within the platform.
  • Educational Content: Helps users understand products like the dapp wallet and derivatives.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Your input can influence platform improvements.

By directly involving you in its development, Coinbase Advanced Trade builds a more dedicated and knowledgeable user base, which, in turn, strengthens the platform’s ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

As Coinbase transitions more functionalities to Coinbase Advanced Trade, it’s important to understand the differences and implications for your trading experience.

What are the differences in trade fees between Coinbase and Coinbase Advanced Trade?

Coinbase typically charges a spread margin of about 0.50% for cryptocurrency purchases and sales. While Advanced Trade often has lower fees, it may reduce costs further for high-volume trading, as fee structures are tiered based on trading volume.

How can I transition from using Coinbase to Coinbase Advanced Trade?

To shift to Coinbase Advanced Trade, you typically need to log in to your Coinbase account and follow the prompts for Advanced Trade, which provides a more integrated trading environment and may add features like staking and derivative trading.

What distinct features do Coinbase Advanced Trade offer compared to standard Coinbase?

Coinbase Advanced Trade is designed with features that cater to more experienced traders, offering detailed charting, a wider range of order types, and potential access to margin trading, not typically found on the standard platform.

Can users access Coinbase Advanced Trade through a dedicated mobile app?

Although specific details on app access may change over time, Coinbase generally provides a mobile application for its platform, and it’s expected that Advanced Trade functionalities would be accessible through this app or a similar dedicated solution.

What are the reasons for Coinbase Advanced Trade features not working properly on occasion?

Operational issues with Coinbase Advanced Trade features could arise from routine maintenance, unexpected outages, or high market volatility causing performance issues that might temporarily affect access or functionality.

Are there any additional costs associated with using Coinbase Advanced Trade?

In addition to usual trading fees, there might be charges for added services such as margin trading on Coinbase Advanced Trade, but costs tend to be disclosed upfront to ensure transparency for users.

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