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Key Takeaways:

  • BitMEX Affiliate Programme offers opportunities for individuals to earn commissions by referring new users to the platform.
  • To sign up for the BitMEX Affiliate Programme, complete the onboarding process, which involves providing relevant information and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • Maximize your affiliate earnings by sharing your BitMEX affiliate link with the community through various channels such as social media, blog posts, and online forums.
  • Some tips for maximizing your affiliate earnings include targeting relevant audiences, creating compelling content, and offering incentives to potential referrals.
  • Commission earnings in the BitMEX Affiliate Programme are calculated based on the trading volume generated by referred users and credited directly to your BitMEX account.
  • Benefits of being a BitMEX Affiliate include the potential to earn substantial commissions, access to promotional materials, and the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the BitMEX community.
  • The BitMEX Affiliate Programme is open to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria, including being at least 18 years old and complying with the program’s terms and conditions.
  • Your referral link can be accessed and tracked through your BitMEX Affiliate dashboard, allowing you to keep track of your referrals and commissions.
  • The membership evaluation in the BitMEX Affiliate Programme is done on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with the program’s guidelines and to maintain the integrity of the community.
  • In conclusion, the BitMEX Affiliate Programme provides an opportunity for individuals to earn commissions by referring new users, and by following best practices and maximizing their efforts, affiliates can increase their earnings and contribute to the growth of the BitMEX community.

Introduction to BitMEX Affiliate Programme

BitMEX Affiliate Programme is a lucrative opportunity for individuals to earn through referrals. By joining this program, participants can promote BitMEX and receive commissions for every user they refer. It provides a seamless and efficient way to monetize one’s network and capitalizes on the growing popularity of BitMEX in the cryptocurrency market.

With a user-friendly interface and robust tracking system, affiliates can easily monitor their earnings and optimize their referral strategies. By leveraging the reputation and credibility of BitMEX, affiliates have the potential to generate substantial income while contributing to the platform’s growth.

A key tip for success in the BitMEX Affiliate Programme is to engage with the community and share valuable insights to attract potential traders.

How to Sign up for the BitMEX Affiliate Programme

When it comes to signing up for the BitMEX Affiliate Programme, there are some essential steps you need to follow. In this section, I will guide you through the process and ensure that you have a seamless onboarding experience. We will explore the necessary steps to complete the onboarding process, allowing you to start earning rewards and benefits through the BitMEX Affiliate Programme. So, let’s dive in and get you all set up to make the most of this opportunity.

Completing the Onboarding Process

Completing the onboarding process is an essential step in getting started with the BitMEX Affiliate Programme. To ensure a smooth transition and maximize your earnings, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up: Create an account on the BitMEX platform by providing your personal details and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  2. Verify your identity: Upload the required documents to verify your identity, such as a government-issued ID and proof of address. This is necessary to comply with regulatory requirements and ensure security.
  3. Set up your referral link: Once your account is approved, you will receive a unique referral link that you can share with others. This link tracks the users you refer to BitMEX and credits you with commissions for their trading activity.
  4. Start promoting: Spread the word about BitMEX through various channels such as social media, blogs, or relevant communities. Utilize strategies like sharing informative content, offering incentives, or showcasing successful trading stories to attract potential affiliates.

It’s important to note that completing the onboarding process sets the foundation for a successful affiliate journey. By following these steps diligently and actively promoting BitMEX, you can increase your chances of earning significant commissions.

For optimal results:

  • Engage with your audience: Interact with potential affiliates, answer their questions, and provide valuable insights to establish trust.
  • Leverage existing networks: Tap into your existing connections in the cryptocurrency space or related industries to expand your reach.
  • Track your performance: Monitor your referral link’s performance using BitMEX’s tracking tools and analyze what strategies are most effective for generating referrals.
  • Stay informed: Keep yourself updated with BitMEX’s latest features, promotions, and market trends to provide accurate information to potential affiliates.

By implementing these suggestions, you can enhance your chances of attracting more referrals and increasing your earnings through the BitMEX Affiliate Programme. Turn your friends into trading enthusiasts and your bank account into a happy camper by sharing your BitMEX affiliate link with the community!

Sharing Your BitMEX Affiliate Link with the Community

When it comes to sharing your BitMEX affiliate link with the community, there are some valuable tips that can help you maximize your earnings. As someone who has been part of the BitMEX affiliate programme, I’ve learned a few strategies that have had a significant impact on my results. In this section, I’ll be sharing these insights with you, equipping you with the knowledge to make the most out of your affiliate link. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can enhance your affiliate earnings in the BitMEX community.

Tips for Maximizing Your Affiliate Earnings

Maximizing your earnings as a BitMEX Affiliate is crucial for success in the program. Here are some valuable insights on how to make the most out of your affiliate efforts:

  1. Optimize Your Affiliate Link: Enhance your click-through rates by customizing and shortening your affiliate links. This will improve their visibility and increase the chances of users clicking on them.
  2. Promote high-converting products: Focus on promoting BitMEX products or features that have a proven track record of attracting and converting customers. This strategic approach will ensure higher returns on your affiliate efforts.
  3. Leverage Social Media: Utilize popular social media platforms to engage with potential customers effectively. Share relevant content, participate in discussions, and build a strong network to maximize your reach and referral potential.
  4. Create Compelling Content: Craft informative and engaging content that showcases the benefits of BitMEX products and services. Be genuine and provide valuable insights to establish credibility among your audience, which will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates.
  5. Monitor and Analyze Performance: Regularly track the performance of your campaigns to identify what works best for you, enabling you to optimize your strategies accordingly. By understanding what drives results, you can focus more on successful tactics.

By implementing these tips for maximizing your affiliate earnings, you can significantly increase your chances of generating higher commissions through the BitMEX Affiliate Program.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to earn more with BitMEX! Start implementing these strategies today and take advantage of the program’s potential for financial growth. The more proactive you are in optimizing your affiliate efforts, the greater your chances of maximizing earnings become. Embrace this opportunity now to reap the rewards later!

Frequently Asked Questions? More like Frequently Hilarious Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions about the BitMEX Affiliate Programme

When it comes to the BitMEX Affiliate Programme, there are several frequently asked questions that often come up. Let’s dive right into some of these common queries.

  • Curious about how commission earnings are calculated and credited?
  • Want to know the benefits of becoming a BitMEX Affiliate?
  • Wondering who can join the programme?
  • Interested in accessing your referral link?
  • And, finally, how often is membership evaluated?

This section will provide all the answers and insights you need to understand the ins and outs of the BitMEX Affiliate Programme.

How are commission earnings calculated and credited?

Commission earnings on the BitMEX Affiliate Programme are determined and credited based on a specific calculation method. Here is a step-by-step guide on how these earnings are calculated and credited:

  1. Performance-Based System: Commission earnings are calculated using a performance-based system, which means that the more active and successful your referrals are, the higher your commission will be.
  2. Referral Sign-ups: You earn commission when someone signs up for BitMEX through your referral link. The commission is based on their trading activity, including deposits, trades, and withdrawals.
  3. Dynamic Calculation: Commission earnings are calculated dynamically based on the percentage of trading fees generated by your referred users. The percentage can vary depending on the specific trading activity and volume.
  4. Real-Time Crediting: Commission earnings are credited in real-time to your BitMEX account. You can see your commission balance and track your earnings through the affiliate dashboard provided by BitMEX.

It’s important to note that commission calculation and crediting may differ based on specific terms and conditions outlined by BitMEX for their Affiliate Programme.

In addition to the above explanation, it’s worth mentioning that BitMEX offers detailed reports and analytics to help you track and optimize your affiliate earnings effectively.

Pro Tip: To maximize your commission earnings, focus on promoting BitMEX to an engaged audience that is interested in cryptocurrency trading and leverage its comprehensive range of marketing tools provided by BitMEX to drive sign-ups through your referral link.

Being a BitMEX Affiliate not only brings in extra money, but also gives you the perfect excuse to tell your friends, ‘I told you so‘ when Bitcoin prices surge.

What are the benefits of being a BitMEX Affiliate?

Being a BitMEX Affiliate offers various advantages that make it a valuable opportunity. The benefits of being part of the BitMEX Affiliate Programme include:

  • Lucrative Commission Earnings: As a BitMEX Affiliate, you have the opportunity to earn generous commissions based on the trading activity of your referrals.
  • Passive Income Potential: By referring new users to BitMEX, you can create a sustainable source of passive income, earning rewards for as long as your referrals continue to trade on the platform.
  • Access to Marketing Materials: BitMEX provides its affiliates with a range of marketing materials and resources that can help drive traffic and increase conversions. These tools enable you to effectively promote the platform and attract potential users.
  • Exclusive Rewards and Incentives: Through the BitMEX Affiliate Programme, affiliates can access exclusive rewards and incentives, giving them additional benefits and opportunities for financial growth.
  • Support from a Leading Exchange: By becoming an affiliate of BitMEX, you join forces with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. This partnership offers credibility, stability, and access to a wide range of trading services and features.

Beyond these advantages, being a BitMEX Affiliate provides unique details not covered in previous points. The programme allows individuals from diverse backgrounds and experience levels to participate, making it accessible to anyone interested in earning income through affiliation. Furthermore, membership evaluation occurs on an ongoing basis without fixed timelines or limitations.

To take advantage of these incredible benefits and become part of the BitMEX Affiliate Programme today! Don’t miss out on this opportunity for financial growth and passive income. Join now!

Get in on the BitMEX Affiliate Programme and start counting crypto instead of sheep.

Who can join the BitMEX Affiliate Programme?

To become a member of the BitMEX Affiliate Programme, interested individuals need to meet certain eligibility criteria. Here are five points highlighting who can join the BitMEX Affiliate Programme:

  • Experienced traders and individuals with knowledge of cryptocurrency markets
  • Active users or influencers in the crypto community
  • Affiliate marketers looking to monetize their platforms through referral commissions
  • Individuals who comply with the terms and conditions specified by BitMEX
  • People above the legal age as set by their country of residence

Additionally, it is important to note that participation in the BitMEX Affiliate Programme is subject to evaluation. The evaluation process ensures that members continue to meet all necessary requirements throughout their membership.

Now let’s share a true history about this topic: In order to maintain a high level of professionalism and ensure the success of the program, BitMEX has implemented strict eligibility criteria for joining their affiliate programme. This helps to build a trusted network of affiliates and ensures the growth and sustainability of the program.

Unlock the golden ticket to affiliate success by learning how to access your referral link and start earning those sweet commissions.

How can I access my referral link?

To access your referral link, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your BitMEX Affiliate Programme account.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Referral Link’ section in your account settings.
  3. Copy your unique referral link provided.
  4. Share the referral link with your friends, family, or community through various channels such as social media, blogs, or personal emails.
  5. Track your referrals and their activities using the analytics provided in your BitMEX Affiliate Programme account.

Additionally, you can customize your referral link by adding parameters such as sub-IDs or campaign names to track specific marketing efforts. This allows for better analysis and optimization of your affiliate strategy.


  1. Utilize social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or professional networks like LinkedIn to share your referral links.
  2. Create engaging content related to cryptocurrency trading and include your referral link within the content or in a call-to-action at the end.
  3. Collaborate with influencers or industry experts who have a significant following in the cryptocurrency community to promote BitMEX using your referral link.
  4. Leverage online communities such as forums or Reddit to provide value-added information about BitMEX and include your referral link when relevant.

By implementing these suggestions, you can increase the visibility of your referral link and attract more potential users to join BitMEX through your affiliate efforts.

The membership evaluation at BitMEX is like an annual performance review on Wall Street – you better bring your A-game, or you might end up on the next Block Street.

How often is membership evaluated?

Membership evaluation frequency refers to how frequently BitMEX assesses the status of its affiliates. To determine this, BitMEX reviews the affiliate’s performance and activity regularly. The evaluation process is ongoing to ensure that affiliate members continue to meet the program’s requirements and maintain their eligibility.

Affiliate membership is evaluated periodically to monitor performance and adherence to program guidelines. This assessment helps BitMEX maintain a high-quality network of affiliates who actively contribute to promoting the platform. By regularly evaluating memberships, BitMEX can ensure that only committed and productive affiliates remain part of the program.

For existing members, it is essential to be aware that their participation in the BitMEX Affiliate Programme is subject to ongoing evaluation. Therefore, consistently meeting performance expectations, adhering to guidelines, and actively promoting BitMEX will significantly increase their chances of maintaining membership.

To ensure continued participation and access to the benefits offered by the BitMEX Affiliate Programme, it is crucial for affiliates to stay engaged and deliver consistent results. By regularly assessing membership statuses, BitMEX ensures a dynamic network of affiliates who contribute effectively towards achieving shared goals.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this esteemed program! Keep your membership active by consistently demonstrating your commitment and dedication as a BitMEX affiliate. Continued participation will allow you to enjoy the numerous benefits associated with being a valued member of this exclusive community. Start maximizing your earnings today by actively engaging with the programme!

Conclusion and Next Steps

The path forward: Insights and Actions. Here’s what you need to do next based on the BitMEX Affiliate Programme. Leverage the program to maximize your earnings by attracting new BitMEX users. Explore its potential and seize the opportunity for growth.

Continuing the journey: Next Steps. Take advantage of the BitMEX Affiliate Programme’s benefits and dive into its offerings. Enhance your understanding of the program, set targets, and implement effective strategies to expand your network. Stay proactive and keep evolving alongside BitMEX.

Furthermore, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and updates related to the BitMEX Affiliate Programme. Regularly refer to the official resources for any updates or changes that might affect your strategy.

Join the BitMEX Affiliate Programme today to unlock a world of possibilities. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to generate additional income and establish yourself as a successful BitMEX affiliate. Start now and accelerate your financial journey with BitMEX.

Five Facts About BitMEX Affiliate Programme:

  • ✅ BitMEX offers one of the best crypto affiliate programmes in the market. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Members of the cryptocurrency community can join the BitMEX Affiliate Programme. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ BitMEX affiliates earn commissions when their community members join and trade on BitMEX. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The commission earnings are credited to the affiliate’s account and available to view in the dashboard on a Today+1 basis. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The payout percentage for affiliates increases with the size of their community, and there is no minimum requirement to get started. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Bitmex Affiliate Programme

What is the BitMEX Affiliate Programme and how does it work?

The BitMEX Affiliate Programme is one of the best crypto affiliate programmes in the market. As a BitMEX Affiliate, you earn commissions when members of your cryptocurrency community join and trade on BitMEX. Your commission earnings are credited to your account on a Today+1 basis.

How competitive is the BitMEX Affiliate Programme?

BitMEX is committed to offering one of the most competitive affiliate programmes in the market. The bigger your community is, the higher your payout percentage can be. There are no minimum visitor or follower requirements to get started.

Is the offer for the first three months a one-time opportunity?

Yes, the offer is valid only for the first three months. Make sure to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity.

What benefits do my referees receive when they join the BitMEX community through my link?

All your referees enjoy a 10% fee discount for six months when they sign up through your BitMEX Affiliate link.

How do I access my referral link as a BitMEX Affiliate?

When you log in to your BitMEX account, go to the drop-down menu and select “Referral Status.” There, you will find your referral link to share with your community.

How often are my earnings credited to my account in the BitMEX Affiliate Programme?

Your earnings from the affiliate programme will be credited to your account on a Today+1 basis, ensuring a timely and transparent payment process.

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