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Originally posted on 01/05/2021 @ 00:15

The online trading platform PrimeXBT has announced an update that allows users to track expert traders through the Covesting module. According to a press release shared by the company behind the prize – the winning bitcoin trading platform PrimeXBT – the “Covesting” platform is now fully open to the public. The Covesting copy of the trading platform, which was released to the public today, is the brainchild of Europe-based DLT-licensed fintech software developer Covington Technologies.

Covesting is the first time cryptocurrency traders and investors can come together and pool their resources to enable the trader with the most experience and knowledge to create a trade that is copied by the rest of the group. It is a way of connecting new traders or inexperienced investors who would not otherwise trade.

At the same time, the Covesting Platform helps talented investors to reveal their results in an equally fair environment where all other traders compete. It allows the best of the good traders to develop strategies that others can follow for profit.

With Covesting, PrimeXBT users can closely track the trading activities of several successful traders at the same time and replicate their strategies. This makes promoting PrimeXBT a prime site to promote as a affiliate marketer currently. To learn how to promote it and to read our experience, check out our PrimeXBT affiliate program review. Newcomers and professional traders alike are familiar with the benefits of covesting compared to normal trading. Covesting allows traders and investors to eliminate completely the need to spend time or effort to understand the market and do business. For investors who do not, copying the trade allows them to develop their own trading strategies, drawing on the knowledge of more experienced traders.

However, we should not forget that there is a certain risk in any trade, including copying. Even the best traders in the world can be on the losing side, so it is important to understand the risks associated with the Covesting Platform and take steps to minimize these risks. For users who want to copy their BTC, trading with PrimeXBT is worthwhile.

The Covesting/PrimeXBT Copy Trading module is available free of charge via the Covesting tab in your internal account dashboard. The Covesting module offers traders the opportunity to set up a public trading strategy that other PrimeXBT users can follow through the module. As a covesting company, we have developed only one covested trading feature module, which is integrated into the Prime XBT platform for all its users.

PrimeXBT & Covesting platform interface

Covesting is a mutually convenient platform for traders and supporters, enabling them to make profits equally. Covesting allows users to follow successful traders, depending on how much money they put on the line.

This guide will provide a deep insight into PrimeXBT’s Covesting modules and an overview of how crypto traders use the Covesting module’s rating system to increase their profitability and reduce risk. The dynamic integration of the Covesting activities in PrimexBT brings a number of pre-existing benefits for crypto traders. This expands the opportunities available to traders who use it, as well as the potential benefits it offers to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

This means that professional dealers are offered copy trading as another way to earn money from their business. Using the 100 times leverage on PrimeXBT, they can only make profits from what we offer, and that means we can offer them a copy of our trading success and earn them success trading with potion, while investors can sit back, relax and open the charts by themselves. Strategy managers vying for the top spots on global rankings and followers who only want to copy what the platform has to offer.

Although the COV token already offers four exciting core features that enable the Covesting Copy Trading Module, there is a surprising secondary feature that comes with and differs from each of the three main features it offers. For example, greed and copying – trading releases a host of benefits for users, including eliminating new and consequential costs – will be based on entry fees, lowering overall trading fees, and improving profit sharing by reducing the percentage that the platform receives from itself. The PrimeXBT Covesting Module is the best product in which experienced dealers can follow and behave. Experienced traders with a deep understanding of traditional cryptocurrency markets can use Prime XBT to trade with their peers to earn a second passive income from the coveted module.

What is interesting about PrimeXBT is that it is a completely anonymous exchange that can be a valuable tool for merchants who value their privacy and privacy on the Internet. The transparency of the Covesting trading platform will certainly open up a world of opportunities for traders and supporters. In fact, there are a number of ways we would like to guide you through the cryptocurrency markets opened by Prime XBT, such as intraday covering trades in equities and futures, prime foreign exchange trading, chart free lesson screeners and more. However, its introduction comes at a time when markets are more volatile than ever and therefore more open to sharing by investors and traders in all corners. 

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