Coinbase Support Guide: How To Contact Coinbase Customer Support in 2023

Crypto trading platforms continuously strive to provide the best products and features to their customers. As crypto exchanges become competitive by the day, one of the platforms that stood the test of time is Coinbase. 

Coinbase boasts of millions of users spread globally with a huge number of professional traders in its trading community. The platform has one of the highest trading volumes per day in the world and is a hotbed for crypto enthusiasts. 

Such a reputed trading exchange calls for robust customer support. The platform should be able to cater to the users’ specific grievances and protect them against online scams. Coinbase has proved to be one of the best in the area. 

The customer support service at Coinbase is available 24/7 for all the users and can be connected through the Coinbase help number or Coinbase help E-mail. To know more about Coinbase customer support, keep reading this article or hop over to the in-depth Coinbase exchange review to get some broader information about the platform.

How To Contact Coinbase Support

Coinbase offers three ways through which users can contact customer support. They are:


If you wish to contact customer support through E-mail, then the Coinbase website has a well-curated E-mail support page where you can choose the product you have a problem with. Users get to choose from a number of products such as Coinbase Custody, Coinbase Pro, Coinbase NFT, Coinbase wallet, and more. If your product is not listed, then you will get an “Others” option to choose from. 

Once you have chosen your product, the bottom page will ask you a few questions based on your product and what potential problems you may have. Choose the appropriate answers according to the issues you are facing. 

After filling all the fields, you will have to enter your Coinbase username, registered e-mail, and a few other details and click “Send Verification Email.” 

Here are a few tips for faster resolution of your issue:

  • Choose the most relevant product and its sub-category when submitting an E-mail
  • Always use your registered Coinbase account E-mail address while submitting your request.
  • Try to provide detailed information about your issue to make the customer support team understand better.
  • Avoid submitting more than one ticket for a particular issue. 


Currently, Coinbase does not support phone contact with any live agent; however, it mentioned that the services would be starting soon. But if you feel that your account has been compromised, then you can call their live support helpline anytime you want. 

The Coinbase customer support number is mentioned on the same page as the E-mail request form. The number is mentioned on the right side of the page. There are three helpline numbers available for customers in different parts of the world- US/ international customers, UK residents, and Ireland customers.

Coinbase support options


Twitter is another platform through which Coinbase connects with its customers. The platform’s customer support Twitter account regularly posts all the latest updates regarding Coinbase products or new offers and features on the exchange. 

However, Coinbase does not assist with any account-related problems via Twitter or any other social media platform due to security reasons. Coinbase recommends that all inquiries or issues be reported via E-mail. 

How To Contact Customer Support To Secure A Coinbase Account

If you think that your account is compromised, then you must immediately lock your account and secure it. You can do so by either calling any of the helpline numbers mentioned to talk to a live agent or through the Customer Support Forum. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Coinbase help center page and select “Coinbase” as the product. 
Coinbase support
  • Scroll down and choose the “Account compromised and unauthorized accounts” option under the “Let’s get started” field. 
Different support areas to choose from
  • Next, choose the most relevant answer to your problem under the “What is your issue about?” section. 
  • Continue to give the appropriate answer to your problem in the subsequent actions and submit your E-mail. 
Describing the issue to the Coinbase support team

How To Spot Coinbase Phishing Scams

If you have been in the crypto industry for a while, then you are not alien to the words “phishing emails” or “phishing scams.” Phishing is a practice through which hackers will try to communicate to you via E-mails, SMS alerts, social media posts, or other means of communication. They will claim to be calling from the Coinbase customer support team and ask for your personal details like a password or 2-factor authentication code. 

So how do you identify such scams? Here are a few examples of how you can spot phishing!


Online scammers are capable of creating fake Coinbase websites and contacting you. The landing page may look familiar, too but make sure you look at the URL closely. For example, a scamming website may have the name Coinbase but may have other symbols such as a dash before or after the name, so before logging in to Coinbase, it’s always a good idea, as a rule of thumb, to pay attention to the URL of the page you are on and make sure that it’s either on or any of its subdomains.

Also, Coinbase customer support will never ask you to share your 1-step verification codes, your account password, or your private keys. If you receive a call or an e-mail asking for such details, then you must immediately contact the Coinbase customer service team. 


Phishing emails have gained prominence in recent days. Many scammers try to send fake emails that look like the real official Coinbase message. For example, scammers may send a message to your E-mail with a link asking to verify your address or account. However, try to move the cursor to the hyperlinked sentence and check for the domain address before clicking on it. 

If you see the address to be anything other than, then it is not from the legit website. Also, make sure you check the sender’s E-mail. The E-mail address should end with because all official E-mails are sent through this E-mail domain. 

SMS alerts

You may sometimes get an SMS alert saying that you have received digital currency in your Coinbase account. If you have not authorized such transactions, then it is likely a phishing attempt. It is advised to directly go to your Coinbase account and check for any such alerts. Don’t make the mistake of clicking on any such links. 

Features Of The Coinbase Customer Service

Coinbase upgraded its customer support services in 2021 with an aim to create more value for its customers. The platform quadrupled its customer support capacity and introduced new ways through which users can connect to them. The latest features on the platform are:

24/7 phone support

Coinbase announced in 2021 that retail customers could directly talk to a live agent anytime they like. Regardless of the type of query they may have, users in the UK, US, Japan, and Germany can contact their in-country-based customer support teams. The platform plans on expanding this service to other countries in 2022. 

Faster response times

Coinbase announced that they had restructured their customer service by increasing incapacity so that they are able to respond faster to their user’s queries. 

Live support in apps.

Coinbase aims to enhance the user experience through the Coinbase app by creating a more seamless support system on Android and iOS platforms. Users will be able to connect to live agents directly through the app and ask any queries they may have. It encourages users to save time by connecting with a live agent directly with the questions. 

Live messaging

Coinbase introduced live messaging to save customers time. Customers can directly contact Coinbase through their live messaging portal on the website or the app. Coinbase’s team of experts will be available 24/7 to answer any of the queries with speed. 

What Are The Common Cryptocurrency “Support” Scams?

Fraudsters will try to impersonate an official calling from Coinbase and try to get details out of you. They may ask you to send cryptocurrencies to the address they provide but believe in such calls. Never share your 2FA, password, and other personal details with anybody over the phone. Coinbase’s staff will never ask for any such information. 

Coinbase Support FAQs

How long does Coinbase support take to respond?

If you have submitted a complaint, then Coinbase usually takes 2 weeks to respond. But, if you have contacted live support for emergencies, then the response is immediate.

What is the Coinbase support email?

Coinbase does not provide any support E-mail, but it suggests all users contact them via E-mail through their support address


Coinbase customers can get access to full support from the customer service team through a number of communication methods. You can make use of Coinbase chat help or contact them via E-mail and have your queries resolved quickly.  

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