Bitmex Affiliate Program Review 2021

BitMEX affiliate program review

Originally posted on 15/05/2021 @ 21:02As one of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms, BitMEX is growing rapidly. Currently, BitMEX also offers one of the best crypto affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency world.  This is a fantastic opportunity for Bitcoin traders and investors as it offers a profitable opportunity to earn commissions from it. This is … Read more

Bitmex App Review 2021

Bitmex App

Originally posted on 03/05/2021 @ 19:28Trading through cryptos has become the new normal in the digital we live in. And BitMEX is among the top platforms for trading in the market, which is also why a lot of affiliate marketers are participating in the BitMEX affiliate program. Also, it is a natural choice for traders … Read more

BitMEX Leaderboard Explained – The Complete Guide

Bitmex Exchange

Originally posted on 01/05/2021 @ 00:43Just like any other platform, crypto exchanges also have different parameters and indices that show their success. One of the simplest but most informative aspects of gauging a trading platform’s success is to see how its most successful participants are faring. BitMEX, as a crypto exchange, is no different. However, with BitMEX, … Read more

Bitmex Insurance Fund

Bitmex Insurance Fund

Originally posted on 01/05/2021 @ 00:40Everyone knows that insurance isn’t a fun topic to start with. On top of that, add a cryptocurrency platform to it doesn’t really sound that relaxing. But that’s why we are here to make it easier and tone it down for you. In this article, we are going to talk … Read more

Bitmex News (2021)

Bitmex News 2021

Originally posted on 01/05/2021 @ 00:36BitMEX was founded in 2014 to trade futures contracts and derivatives tied to the value of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. Since its inception, BitMex, derived from the Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange, has been a cryptocurrency and derivative trading platform that, according to its website, has enabled transactions in cryptocurrencies worth more than … Read more

BitMEX Fees Explained 2021 – The Complete Guide

Bitmex fees explained

Originally posted on 01/05/2021 @ 00:31BitMEX continues to be among the most advanced trading platforms for peer-to-peer exchange of crypto-products. The platform hosts a wide range of transactions that are worth billions of dollars on a daily basis. But the most successful traders and participants all have one thing in common – a clear grasp … Read more

Bitmex & Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes

Originally posted on 01/05/2021 @ 00:23Former BitMEX chief Arthur Hayes has surrendered to US authorities in Hawaii after allegations that he failed to enforce money laundering rules on the exchange. The former founder and head of the Bitcoin exchange BitMEX has handed himself and his company over to the US authorities for violating banking secrecy. … Read more