BitMEX Login Guide: How To Log In To BitMEX in 2023

Financial markets have moved towards digital assets, and the demand is increasing by the day. Numerous trading platforms have sprung up lately to cater to the needs of the growing crypto industry. One such platform that has garnered mass attention amongst traders is the BitMEX platform. 

BitMEX was established in 2014 and has become one of the world’s largest crypto trading platforms. Its margin trading and leverage trading features have enabled professional traders to earn millions of dollars through the cryptocurrencies futures market making it one of the best trading platforms, out of all of the crypto affiliate programs, to promote – especially with the enticing BitMEX referral code.

The BitMEX trading platform introduces new products to its users frequently, such as the 100x leverage system, which was released in 2020. Though such a system entails high risks, the risks involved are managed by a financial holding group for BitMEX users – HDR Global Trading Limited. 

BitMEX offers its customers a secure transaction and login process through its two-factor authentication process along with the detailed BitMEX KYC program. Users need to log in and complete their verification process through the BitMEX mobile app or webpage online to start trading.

How Do I Log In To BitMEX?

The log-in process on BitMEX is secure and simple. Assuming you have already gone through the BitMEX registration procedure, then follow the steps to log in:

  • Go to and click on “Login” on the right-side top navigation bar. 
  • Enter your details- “E-mail address,” “Password,” and “Two-factor token (if enabled),” and click on “Log in
  • The next page you will see is the verification page if you are not a verified user already. Complete your verification process instantly and start trading. 
BitMEX login form

What is The Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) Feature In BitMEX?

The 2FA process is very important for BitMEX users, and every user should have it enabled in their account. This extra step is to enhance the security of your BitMEX account from any kind of hackers or botnets. 

If you have Bitcoin in your account, then using a 2FA will keep along with a unique password will keep your earnings safe. Botnets usually try to hack into accounts with known E-mail and password combinations. Therefore, don’t make the mistake of reusing a password on the same website. 

Enabling 2FA in your BitMEX account is crucial for the safety and security of your account. Also, to enhance security, BitMEX made it mandatory for users to set up a 2FA(two-factor authentication) for on-chain withdrawals from October 2021.

BitMEX 2FA Login

How To Enable 2FA In Your BitMEX Account

Follow the steps below to enable 2FA:

  • Log in to your BitMEX account and go to “Accounts & Preferences” on the navigation bar. 
  • Choose “Security Centre” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Add TOTP”  and scan the generated barcode from your mobile device through the authentication app. 
  • You will receive a security token which you have to enter in the Two-Factor Token Field and click on ‘Confirm TOTP“. 

Users get the option to even add a YubiKey directly if you are using a YubiKey hardware device as an authenticator. BitMEX also supports other hardware devices such as Authy or a Google Authenticator available on the Google Play store or the App store. 

Potential Problems When Trying To Log In

If you have issues trying to log in or your account is automatically getting logged out in a few minutes, then it could be because of one of the reasons below:

  • Unsupported browser 

If you are using a browser that is currently not supported by BitMEX, then you will not be able to log in. Few browsers may have active Firewalls that may prevent high activity sites such as BitMEX from opening. You can opt for other websites such as Firefox or Google Chrome and check if you can successfully log in. 

Another reason could be if your browser is not updated, then BitMEX may not open in your browser. Check the settings and see if your browser needs an update. 

  • Extreme load spikes

Since BitMEX is mostly used by Bitcoin traders, any kind of Bitcoin price appreciation or depreciation may cause heavy web traffic on the site. In such a case, the site may break down, and hence BitMEX takes certain measures to control the system. 

The platform may have to restart to bring the system back to normal, and while doing so, many users may either get logged out or have trouble logging in. Try to refresh the page and try the login process again. 

  • You have entered the wrong password.

It is very easy to forget your password, and if that happens, then you can go to the “Forgot password” link given on the log-in page. A password reset link will be sent to your registered account E-mail, and you can easily reset your password. 

If the problem persists for a long time, then you can always contact BitMEX customer support immediately.

Why Can’t I Log In From The US?

If you are an existing customer in BitMEX and are traveling to the US, then you can access your BitMEX account through the use of a VPN. BitMEX is currently banned in a few countries, including the US, and has restricted jurisdictions due to laws relating to Bank Secrecy Act, among others.

But, logging in using a VPN will help your trade-in BitMEX exchange even when in restricted countries.

BitMEX Login FAQs

Why Can’t I Login?

You may face issues if you have an outdated or unsupported browser. Try using a different browser and login again. Also, BitMEX may halt user logins for some time if there is heavy web traffic. You can wait for a couple of minutes and then retry.


BitMEX supports a total of 18 cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Dogecoin, among others. Traders can make use of advanced trading tools such as leverage trading, keep a check on the current cryptocurrency charts, and take part in live trading through the platform. 

It even has the BitMEX testnet, which is a testing version cryptocurrency that has no value, and allows traders to quickly learn how to trade. It is best if you do thorough research on the crypto market, the accounting rules in trading, and other aspects before trading in BitMEX. For a full overview of the platform, feel free to check out our complete BitMEX review.

Logging in on BitMEX is easy and a simple process if you have an updated browser. Complete the KYC process and verify your account to start trading.

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