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The Bitmex Leaderboard shows the top traders on the Bitmex Exchange of all time. While most accounts on the leaderboard are pseudonymous, JOE007 is one of six uncloaked traders sitting in the top 50. This person has two accounts each announcing a profit of over $25,000, with a total trading value of more than $1.5 million with BTC.

It is also worth noting that he made his biggest gains by briefly shutting the market down after Bitcoin crashed earlier this year, shortly after Covid. The Europe-based trader, who openly admits he made over $1 million in 2017 without losing, then explains that his most profitable trading actually came from Bitcoin Cash.

Profit margins are expressed in bitcoin, meaning traders in the contract can only use bitcoin. The margin is shown on bitcoin for the duration of the trading session, which means that the trader can go “long” or “short” using both long and short bitcoin! Getting a future Bitmex leaderboard trader under your belt when promoting Bitmex can be a very profitable deal – for both parties. If you want to learn how to attract traders, read our Bitmex affiliate program 2021 review.

If the Bitcoin price decreases in this interval, one can assume that the user has an open short position on the Bitmex leaderboard and vice versa the assumption of the “short position.” This protects total revenues for consumers, which have risen since the last exchange, while increasing the value of Bitcoin over that period. If a person’s overall profit rises during the period in which bitcoin prices rise or fall, it can be assumed that he or she has a “long” position. However, if Bitcoin values also rise or rise during this period, or if the total profit per user has increased since our last update, we cannot assume that it had an “open” or “short” place; it is the other way around. Since the total profits for a user have risen or fallen since the last update, it cannot be assumed that he has had a long position; however, since bitcoin prices have also risen or fallen over time, the profit margins of the person have not increased.

Bitmex Leaderboard update

Although the last bull run was for the losers and the smaller players, even the big players have shaken off their long-term losses. If you look closely, you will find that Mercury Wood Sprite made over 80 BTC in the month of September alone. Let’s look at the red circle that indicates the profit they made in the first three months of the year, from August to September of this year.

One can only imagine how many Bitmex fees this guy had paid. I bet there’s a happy guy doing crypto affiliate marketing out there with Mercury on his list of referrals.

In addition, the BitMEX insurance fund has grown almost linearly and is currently trading at its current price. As you can see in the chart above, these dealers “total profits exceed $1.5 million, or over 50% of their total investments. Speaking of total profits, so far they have made a total profit of more than three million dollars (2.8 million euros). 

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