BitMEX Leaderboard Explained – The Complete Guide 2023

Just like any other platform, crypto exchanges also have different parameters and indices that show their success.

One of the simplest but most informative aspects of gauging a trading platform’s success is to see how its most successful participants are faring. 

BitMEX, a crypto exchange, is no different. However, with BitMEX, you don’t have to scour the web looking for its richest or most successful traders. That’s because the platform gives you a constantly updated list of its best-performing traders in the form of the BitMEX leaderboard.   

If you’d like to better understand what BitMEX is and how it works, check out the overview on BitMEX on our main page. Then, you can come back and get into more detail with this article and other guides that focus on one area/aspect of BitMEX systems.  

Today, we’ll take you through a detailed rundown of the BitMEX leaderboard. Before we get into BitMEX leaderboard names and lists, let’s first understand what it is and how it works. 

What is the BitMEX Leaderboard? 

A leaderboard is basically a scoreboard or list that shows the names of the highest scorers or leading competitors in an industry or discipline.  

Traditionally, it was mostly used to show the highest scorers in specific games and sports. The whole point was to acknowledge the frontrunners and spur the others to perform better. It’s a strategy that worked incredibly well in promoting and celebrating the top performers in a sports discipline. But today, its practical use has been extended to a variety of niches and industries, including the crypto trading platforms.  

The BitMEX leaderboard is a list of the most profitable and successful traders on the BitMEX platform. If you’ve ever wondered if any millionaires build their wealth from these platforms, the leaderboard is a good place to start. BitMEX gives you a comprehensive take on who ‘owns’ the biggest assets and who ‘earn’ the highest profits.  

The leaderboard is also a good example of how the website uses simple features to counter the claims of naysayers who do not trust BitMEX.  

How does the BitMEX Leaderboard work? 

The BitMEX leaderboard is a dynamic and living list that can change depending on the profits earned by its users. It’s an almost real-time list that gets fed with whatever changes the participants make in their buying and selling.  

So, the BitMEX leaderboard positions are not fixed or permanent. The list gets updated on a daily basis. So, there’s barely any time when it does not reflect information that’s consistent with the platform’s real-world numbers.  

Here are a few attributes of the BitMEX leaderboard and how it’s laid out.  

  • The BitMEX trading leaderboard shows the top 25 traders in two categories – traders by Notional and traders by ROE (Return on Equity).  
  • Each list has four columns. The first column shows the BitMEX leaderboard position, the second shows the system-generated name, the third shows the total profits earned to date, and the fourth shows whether the name is genuine.  
BitMEX leaderboard top 2
  • The lists contain only those names that are active and verified. The BitMEX verification process includes an identity document, a photo/video selfie capture, a location report via browser, and your mode of funding.  
  • The system generates anonymized names to protect the users’ identities. The only exceptions are when users voluntarily declare their real names and identities.  

Who creates the BitMEX leaderboard? 

The leaderboard is created by the platform from the information and data it already possesses. The system automatically detects which accounts are making the biggest value transactions and which accounts have the best returns on their orders.  

For users, you get to choose whether or not your account is included while preparing the list. So, you may be among the highest-earning or biggest value accounts. But if you choose not to appear on the leaderboard, you can opt out of the process.  

Alternatively, you can choose to be included without revealing the name of your account. In such a case, the system automatically generates a random name for your account and posts it on the leaderboard.  

Two Leaderboards: Notional vs. ROE Leaderboard on BitMEX 

As already mentioned, the BitMEX leaderboard comes in the form of two lists. One shows the top 25 notional traders, and the other shows the top 25 ROE traders.  

The main reason why this distinction is necessary is that BitMEX traders use leverages in their orders and investments. Specific leverages will enable a user to use a smaller amount to hold or control a much larger amount.  

So, the notional value represents the total and complete value of the position. It does not show the market value, which is the real value at which the order can be bought or sold on the platform. This value is normally shown in terms of XBT worth on the list.  

On the other hand, the ROE (Return of Equity) usually covers the profit generated against the total value of the position. This list is ranked in terms of the percentage of the profit compared to the total value.  

It’s important to make this distinction because the two lists reflect an entirely different set of names (besides one that appears on both at the moment). So, the takeaway here is that neither the notional value nor the ROE percentage alone can fully rank a trader’s success. Instead, it’s through a combination of both parameters that we find a reasonable list of profit and success trends among BitMEX users.  

Current Leaderboard 

Top 25 Notional Traders on BitMEX 

The current leaderboard on for Notional value shows the 25 highest values on the exchange today.  

BitMEX leaderboard top notional traders

As far as notional value goes, the user ‘Mercury-Wood-Sprite’ currently leads the board with 84,720,833 XBT worth of orders and assets. It’s interesting to note that this trader does not even appear on the ROE list. The bottom entry is a trader with a total value of 880,4659 XBT. So, the top trader here has a total value that’s almost ten times the value of the bottom trader on the leaderboard.  

Besides the top three and the bottom entry, traders no. 4 to 24 all have an accumulated total value above 10 million XBT. This implies that the majority of the top 25 enjoy a more consistent rate of success as far as notional value goes.  

The user ‘aoa,’ currently in 4th position on the board, is the only trader who appears on both the Nominal and ROE lists.  

As you can see, most of the names are system-generated pseudonyms. There are, however, almost a dozen names who have decided to use their real name or identity on the list. You can find out by looking at the checkmarks in the last column.  

As a user, you can choose not to appear on the leaderboard if you wish. You can also choose to show your real username or simply go along with what the system generates.  

BitMEX leaderboard settings

Top 25 ROE traders on BitMEX 

The most profitable traders by ROE on BitMEX are currently the following.  

Top 25 Traders by ROE

The ROE list reveals a more diverse range of success between the users compared to the notional value. Here, the first thing you notice is how far ahead the top entry is compared to everyone else.  

Split-Bone-Zebra has enjoyed returns of almost 200,000%, which simply blows away the competition. Even the closes second,, is a distant competitor with 124462.44%, which by the way, is no mean feat.  

Also, the top ten entries are almost a category apart compared to the rest of the list. Unlike the notional value list, the ROE reveals sharp increases in percentage as you move up the list.  

Conventional wisdom could claim here that Split-Bone-Zebra will be on the list for some time simply due to the unmatched lead it enjoys on the board. But given how dynamic crypto exchanges are, there’s no guarantee that any user will retain their spot. It ultimately boils down to the prevailing trends and the choices the users make.  

Another thing you notice on the ROE list is how only a few of them have their names released. Currently, the list has four entries with their real account names. Of course, this can change in an instant depending on the market and its developments.  

Once again, the trader, aoa, appears in the top ten with an ROE of 1152.41%. He/she still has a long way to go before dethroning the jaw-dropping 19987.67% that the top spot enjoys. But the fact that aoa is on both lists gives us a good idea of how consistently successful this person is.  

BitMEX Leaderboard Predictions 

There are a lot of discussions that revolve around who the next top scorers will be. Some platforms and sites may even develop intricate formulas and algorithms that try to predict who the next top users will be. However, BitMEX runs on complex mechanisms and expertise. 

So, to claim accurate prediction of the leadership board is not only misguided but also needless. It’s a needless pursuit because BitMEX regularly updates the table to reflect the latest changes and developments.  

An effective way to keep track of the trends here is to track the BitMEX leaderboard history. And if you’ve followed BitMEX leaderboards of the past, you’ll be familiar with traders like AngeloBTC. AngeloBTC is a semi-retired crypto trader who still dabbles in the industry today. But during his heydays, he was known for being among the most profitable BitMEX traders at the time.  

If any BitMEX leaderboard position prediction is going to work, it’s through a detailed study of the history and past developments. Other than that, it’s an exercise that may not yield very useful results.  

How to use the BitMEX Leaderboard 

The easiest way to access the list is to click on the BitMEX leaderboard link that takes you to the right page. Once you reach the page, there’s not much else to study or assess besides the two lists that are presented there.  

The simplest and most common use of the leaderboard is that it gives everyone a glimpse of the top performers and traders on the platform. In a way, it’s a good incentive for the existing top traders to continue retaining their spot on the list. And for the others, it’s an encouragement to up their game and turns in more profits so that they too get featured on the leaderboard. 

But glory and recognition aside, the leaderboard should not be used merely as motivation to invest bigger or buy/sell more. An increase in volume does not always imply an increase in earnings and profit. Also, there is a wide range of variables that go into making your position better or worse. So, this list isn’t a guarantee that the same path awaits any other trader.  

However, if you’re participating in the BitMEX affiliate program, getting a potential leaderboard trader on your side can prove to be very helpful later. You can go and check out our comprehensive article on BitMEX and its systems to learn more about where and how to make this happen and how to best share your personal BitMEX referral code.  

The BitMEX leaderboard is a simple yet prospective list that has a lot of significance. To the naïve, it can mislead and create false hope. On the practical, it can provide new opportunities and awareness. Ultimately, it’s your decision. You have to be prudent and discerning enough to decide how to handle each element of the industry.  

Final Note 

The BitMEX leaderboard is surely one of the most engaging pages on the whole website. That’s because it’s both relevant to the platform and easily understood by all. Given how some aspects of BitMEX can get quite complicated, this easy-to-understand leaderboard is a welcome feature of the platform.  

Today, users have a diverse set of responses to the leaderboard. While some react with indifference, others keep a close eye on minute changes that take place on the list. Still, there are others who detest the very idea of having a list of glorified participants on the website.  

Regardless of your response, though, there’s no doubt that it is an integral part of the platform today. As BitMEX grows, the leaderboard will continue to be an indicator of how the most successful participants are faring in the platform.  

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