Binance Referral Code 2023: VPN8DS4Y

What is the Binance Referral ID Code?

The current Binance sign up code is VPN8DS4Y. Binance’s new users can enter the VPN8DS4Y referral ID code during registration. The code works for trading crypto at the Binance exchange at a 30% fee discount.

CategoryBinance Referral Code DetailsBinance Referral ID Code
Binance Exchange CodeUp to 45% savings with BNBVPN8DS4Y
Binance Spot CodeUp to 45% savings with BNBVPN8DS4Y
Binance Mining Code20% in fee savingsRZIM8H1S
Binance Futures Code10% in fee savingsCRYPTOAFFILIATE
Binance Margin Code10% in fee savingsCRYPTOAFFILIATE

The Binance Referral program allows you to participate in finding new users for the Binance trading system. On successfully referring and reining in new users, you get a handsome commission for your participation. And it works by assigning you a unique Binance referral code or a Binance referral ID to track and reward your efforts.

While that sounds simple enough, there are specific processes and best practices that make the whole thing work. And if you’re even vaguely interested in this program, here is the right place to start.

With the insights and guidance we’ve compiled here, both the novice and the veteran trader stand to gain a lot more from this platform. Better yet, here’s the best Binance referral code May, 2023 provided especially for our readers.

Best Binance Referral Code for Bonus Discount

Use the VPN8DS4Y promo code during your Binance signup to get a bonus rebate/discount on relevant trading fees.

Using the code is pretty straightforward. You simply have to enter it while registering on the platform. There is a separate field for entering the discount code.

However, it’s important to know how to do it correctly. So, for the sake of clarity, we’ll explain how the process works below.


This Binance signup code is for users outside of the US. Here’s a Reddit discussion that may clarify how the Binance US referral code differs from the regular Binance referral ID.

Why Binance?

For most traders or affiliates, finding the right crypto exchange is the vital first step. As someone trying to choose between several referral codes and programs, you may wonder what sets Binance apart from the competitors. Well, to answer that, we’ll need to get an overview of the Binance system as well as get into some details on the Binance referral program.

For starters, though, many users continue to earn handsome profits using the right Binance Referral ID. Whether it’s the best referral program depends on the user’s experience and preference. But with the correct approach and methods, you can potentially earn a lot even without trading directly.

Also, Binance has a referral program that is open to all its users. You don’t even have to trade to make use of the referral program. The moment you finish your registration, the system generates a referral ID that you can use to attract new users to the platform. And in return, you get a nice and profitable commission.

On the overall, Binance is a platform that leads the industry on many aspects, as covered in our broader Binance review. With a robust decentralized exchange system and easy withdrawal procedures, users continue to flock around the platform. And Binance referral codes continue to be among the most profitable ways of facilitating this process.

What Characterizes the Binance Referral ID Code?

The Binance Referral ID code is typically an alphanumeric series that you can use to avail specific discounts on the platform. The code we’ve provided here is an example of a working Binance referral ID.

Our intention is to ensure that you get access to a legitimate and profitable Binance referral ID that will provide discounts the moment you begin a presence on Binance. The code provided above is a special referral ID that you, our readers, can use and profit from. When you enter this code during your registration process, your account gets recognized as part of the discount program. So, you get an attractive discount of 30% on the related trading fees.

IMP: You can still sign up to the Binance platform without using this code. But you won’t get access to the attractive discounts that this code provides.

How to Enter a Binance Referral ID?

Entering the Binance referral code is an easy and simple task. Use the given Binance ID in the relevant field while registering.

You can copy our code and paste it on the registration field directly. Or you can type in the code manually into the field. Either way, you’ll get access to the bonus rebates once you hit enter.

The first step here is to go to the Binance signup page and click on the ‘Register’ button on the top right. Here’s the location.

Binance home page

Pro tip: You can use our link to go straight to the registration process.

Binance requires minimal information to get started. So, your registration should take less than a minute to finish (screenshots below).

Binance registration form

Where to Input the Binance Referral ID?

Once you begin the registration process, you’ll have to enter an email and create a password as part of your credentials.

Alternatively, Binance also allows you to register using your mobile number. For this option, simply click on the ‘Mobile’ tab and enter your phone number along with a strong password.

Binance mobile registration

Regardless of whether you choose the email or mobile, their referral ID field is the same. It’s the last field in the signup process.

Binance registration with filled in Binance referral ID Code: VPN8DS4Y

Notice that the word ‘optional’ is also mentioned next to the referral ID label. Once again, this means that you can sign up on Binance without using a referral ID. But that implies that you won’t get any of those specific discounts and bonuses that come with our referral ID, which is VPN8DS4Y.

Once you’re entered the necessary details and the code, click on the terms and conditions checkbox and choose ‘Create Account.’

Binance check ToS

Your account should be created and ready to go. That’s how easy it is to use our Referral ID and get started on the Binance platform.

The Binance Referral Program

Before you start using Binance referral codes to gain commissions, it would help if you had a better understanding of the Binance referral program in general. Here’s a quick overview of how it works.

Besides the discounts you get through our referral id, you can also earn commissions through your own referral code. With this program, you can use a personal Binance referral link to encourage people to sign up for the platform.

Binance referral program overview

You can use our link to the registration page to get onboard.

Once registered, you earn a specific percentage as commission for revery user you bring onboard. The commission percentage can increase up to 40% depending on the nature of trading your referral makes.

If you’d like to get a more in-depth understanding of the program, our detailed guide on the Binance referral program will give you all you need.

How does the Binance Referral Program Work?

As a registered user, you get bonuses for every new user you invite to the service. Of course, there are specific conditions that determine what commission you get. For instance, your referral has to engage in trading on Binance. That way, you get a portion of whatever trading fees they pay.

Since May 2020, the Binance platform has combined the commissions for referrals on both Spot and Futures referrals. That implies that you can invite users with either a Spot referral link or a Futures referral link. In both cases, you earn a referral commission every time the user trades on Binance’s Spot or Futures market.

For Spot Referrals

For making spot referrals, Binance has specific conditions that determine the commissions you earn. Also, you get to choose the percentages you allow for the people you invite too. Here’s how it works.

  • If the BNB balance that’s in your account is below 500, you get a 20% base referral rate. So, you can share a portion of this percentage with the invited users. For instance, if you invited a friend to join, you can allow a share of 0%, 5%, or even 10% with the invitee, as an incentive.
  • On the other hand, if your BNB balance is above the 500 mark, the benefits are also more. First off, you get a higher baser referral rate of 40%. That means you have more options of what to share with your invitees. So, you can allow 5%, 10%, 15%, or even 20% as a bonus to the people you invite.
  • As a spot referral affiliate, your base referral rate can go up to 40-50%. So, there’s more incentive for you as an inviter and your invitees too.

For Futures Referrals

For making futures referrals, Binance has slightly varying conditions for its users. Here’s an overview of how it can unfold.

  • Similar to spot referrals, Binance offers a base referral rate of 20% if you have less than 500 BNB in your account balance. Here, you can allot 10% to your invitee and retain the other 10% as your bonus.
  • The referral rate increases if you have an account balance that exceeds 500 BNB. In this case, the base referral rate goes up to 30%. At this rate, you can choose to share 10% with the person you invite. That way, you get a referral bonus of 20% while your invitee also receives 10% of the bonus.
  • As a Binance affiliate, your future referral rate can go up to 40%. So, you get an inviter bonus of 30% even if you choose to share a 10% discount with an invitee (valid for 30 days).

Regardless of whether you make Spot referrals of Futures referrals, you can earn impressive bonus rates if executed correctly. One takeaway here is that you have more options and higher bonuses if your BNB account balance is over 500.

Binance 'What is BNB' banner

However, the 500 BNB balance is not a minimum requirement. So, you can still chalk up a bonus percentage with an account balance below that figure. Either way, both you and your invitee get a bonus percentage for successful referrals. It’s essentially a win-win for both the inviter and the invitee.

Who can Sign Up for Binance Referral Codes?

Once you get an understanding of how the referral codes work, one of the first things you wonder is who can use these codes. To start profiting from the referral program, you will have to sign up as a Binance affiliate. Affiliates are recognized players through whom the platform connects with new users.

The Binance referral program is for both individuals and organizations. So, in a way, it’s for anyone who’s interested and who has some basic requirements met.

As an overview, here are the recommended requirements as mentioned by Binance.


The easiest way to use your Binance Referral code is through your social media handles. We live in a time when all of us have multiple social media accounts. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, it’s not difficult to get a message out across to your contacts.

Binance does recommend having at least 5000 followers/subscribers on your social media handle to get started. Initially, that sounds like you have to be a local celebrity to get things done. But it’s not that difficult if you think about it. For example, YouTube is the second most-visited website on the web today. So, even an ordinary channel can have well over 5K subscribers.

Crypto Communities

A classic favorite for referral programs is crypto forums and communities. Usually, this implies a person or institution that deals with or hands out financial content focusing on crypto products.

Crypto products are almost becoming as mainstream as fiat currency in many aspects. So, there is an obvious growth in op-eds and forums that focus on the crypto niche.

So, anyone who runs or manages a community like that can also sign up for the affiliate program. Whether it’s a subreddit, a Telegram group, or a WeChat group, you can use your forum to share and promote your Binance referral codes.

The only requirement here is that your forum/group needs to have more than 500 members. That way, you can ensure that any promo or Binance referral ID you share gets visibility in the hundreds.

Businesses and Organizations

Any organization or business with a minimum user-base of 2000 can also get into these programs. Nowadays, businesses come in a wide variety of forms. So, this can become a generic and vague description.

So, we’ve listed examples of what types of business platforms work best for these programs.

  • If you run a platform that performs market analysis, that’s a good place to start. Marketing insights attract a lot of interested investors, both experienced and novices alike. However, you’ll need a minimum of 500 visits every day to make it work.
  • Businesses that run news and articles about the crypto industry are also good choices. If you’re planning to run a blog or website that focuses on this niche, you can use your Binance signup code or Binance referral link in your articles.
  • An obvious place for sharing Binance referral codes is in aggregate trading platforms. Aggregate platforms host a diverse range of assets and traders. So, you can share Binance promos or Binance discount codes to a wide audience easily.
  • Crypto funds are also a great example of businesses that can utilize Binance referral links. The basic motive for crypto funds is profit for both the trader and investor. A Binance referral ID bonus can attract and interest both parties if used in the correct context.

If you have any of these platforms with the required followers/user-base, you can sign up for Binance referral codes as an affiliate. Remember that signing up is easy. It’s the marketing and promoting your referral code/link that takes some work. But with the right insights, you can learn how to promote crypto offers and referral codes easily.

How to Get Your Binance Referral code?

Your Binance referral code or ID gets automatically created when you sign up to the platform. We’ve already taken you through the registration process above, so we won’t get into those steps again, but in case you missed it, here’s the registration link:

Once your Binance account is ready, simply click the Login button and enter the credentials you used earlier. Here, you may have to solve a captcha/puzzle to verify that it’s really you trying to log in.

The puzzle may look something like this:

Binance login puzzle

Simply slide the jigsaw icon to the appropriate position, and the login will happen automatically. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be taken to your personal landing page.

Now, click on the profile icon placed on the top right corner (it should be the third tab, next to Wallet and Orders.

Binance navigation

 Once you click this icon, a drop-down men,u with several options, will appear. You can access your dashboard, Reward Center, API management, etc., from this menu.

For our purposes, click on ‘Referral’ further down the list.

Navigating to the referral section of Binance

You will now be taken to your referrals page, where you can get your referral ID, referral link, and manage different parts of your referral activity.

You’ll find your referral ID and link on the right side of the page. This section will display a numerical series of numbers (your Binance referral ID) and your Binance referral link.

Binance referral ID and referral link

You can click the copy button to directly get the referral ID or the link copied to your clipboard. This way, it’s much easier to paste it back to your blog, social media, or platform when sharing it.

That’s how easy it is to get your Binance referral ID or code!

Note that the referral rate is capped at 20% before you update your BNB balance. And the entire 20% is set to your share by default.

Referral commission rate

As you start your referrals and begin earning commissions, you may want to play around with different commission shares for yourself and your invitees. To do that, you can generate new links that allot a specific percentage for your invitees and yourself.

How to Generate a Binance Referral Link

If you scroll down to your list of referral links (below the dashboard), you’ll find the default referral ID given above.

This one is the default referral ID, where the entire 20% is reserved as your commission. But if you want to attract and incetivise new users with discounts and commissions, you’ll want to set a percentage for them too.

To set new percentage shares for your invitees (and you), click on the ‘Generate your link’ option on the right corner of the referral ID section or the referral links list.

Generating referral link

A new window will appear where you can set new commission rates. You can specify what kickback rates your friends and invitees get when they use this particular link.

Choosing friends' commission kickback rate

If your BNB balance is below 500, your base commission rate is limited to 20%. As shown above, you can’t allow more than 10% to your invitees if that’s the case (the 15% and 20% options are disabled).

But you can still allot percentage options of 0%, 5%, or 10%, based on your preference. Each allotment will generate a separate link, so you don’t have to manually keep adjusting percentages for every referral.

So, choose the desired percentage you want for your invitees. For instance, if you choose 5% for your invitees, the remaining 15% will remain your commission. Once you’ve selected the correct box, simply click on the ‘Generate your link’ button, and then it’s done.

Now, scroll down below the dashboard to the lift of your referral links. Here, the new link that offers 5% of the commission for your invitees will appear.

Referral Links List

You can also use the options on the right to set this commission rate as your default link. So, if you intend to use the 15-5% breakdown frequently, click on the ‘Set Default’ option.

You can use the ‘Generate your link’ option to create other combinations of commission rates for you and your invitees. For instance, there can be a rate where both you and your invitees get 10%. You can go further and create individual referral links for all possible combinations of rates. Ultimately, your referral links list may contain a default link and a collection of other links with different commission rates.

Full Binance referral links list

So, each Binance referral ID you create will offer a different percentage rate for your invitees. Depending on whom or where you want to share the link, you can easily copy the link from this list and paste it into the relevant avenue.

For example, if you have a finance blog with thousands of daily visits, you may give a 5% commission to any stranger who stumbles on your website. In turn, you can offer a more attractive 10% commission link to those who are in your Telegram group or the ones who subscribe to your social media handle. These are just use-case scenarios where you may need separate Binance referral IDs for different followers or users.

If you increase the BNB balance in your Binance account, you’ll get even better commission rates. Assuming you have 500 BNB or more in your account, your base referral rate can go up to 40%. That means you get a much more profitable return and more options for your invitees.

With a higher base referral rate, you can offer even 15% or 20% to your invitees. That’s a much attractive prospect for any trader who’s looking for good deals in the crypto market.

Are There Binance Referral Fees?

Registering as a user to get your Binance referral code comes free of charge. There are no hidden fees or payments for using your Binance referral ID to start making referrals.

For traders, Binance offers a clear maker-taker structure and nominal withdrawal fees. So, it’s definitely an attractive destination for potential traders who want to earn big.

When you promote the platform using your Binance Referral code, your followers or subscribers may need basic information about the platform’s fee structure. So, for your reference and information, you can use our full guide on the Binance fee structure.

Conditions for Using Binance Referral Code as a Spot/Futures Affiliate

If you decide to sign up as a Binance affiliate, there are specific time-bound and target requirements you have to meet. The requirements can vary slightly depending on whether you engage in spot affiliation or futures affiliation.

Both the spot affiliate and futures affiliate undergo an evaluation after 90 days of using the Binance referral code. And each program has to meet specific needs at the end of each 90-day evaluation period.

Here’s an overview of each program.

Using Referral Code as a Spot Affiliate

The benefits for the Binance referral codes come under the following conditions for spot affiliates.

  • You must successfully reach out to at least 50 new users using your Binance referral code/Binance referral link. To consider an invitee as a new user, each invitee must complete the signup process using your Binance referral link.
  • Among the users who register through your Binance referral code/link, there should be a minimum of 10% of users who executed at least one trade on the platform.
  • As a spot affiliate, you’ll also have to share and promote Binance-related materials and content to your subscribers/followers. This shows that you’re an active affiliate who does not rely only on the Binance referral code.
  • If your Binance referral link does not get a minimum of 50 new users and you don’t get the 10% of users who perform trades, there’s an alternative. You can still qualify for benefits if your registered users execute a quarterly trading volume that’s worth at least 50 BTC or more.

Using Binance Referral Code as a Futures Affiliate

If you sign up as a Binance futures affiliate, you get a higher base commission rate of 40%. So, you earn 30% of the trading fees that come from your referrals, and your referrals enjoy a 10% discount on those fees.

However, using your Binance referral code as a futures affiliate also comes with higher requirements. Similar to spot affiliates, the assessment takes place every 90 days. The requirements are:

  • You have to successfully maintain an average of over 100 active users as a minimum bar.
  • These 100 or so active users must have a cumulative trading volume that equals at least 10,000 BTC in value.

Although it’s not a formal requirement, being an affiliate will require you to have an understanding of how Binance futures work. You can get all the info and insights you need on our guide to Binance futures.

Binance Referral ID and Binance APP

Crypto-product platforms today understand the wide reach and accessibility that apps provide. The Binance platform is no different.

They have an Binance app for almost every conceivable device users may use. Regardless of whether you use an iOS phone, an android device, a Windows PC, or a Linux rpm, they have a compatible app.

The Binance signup code works on every platform, so you don’t have to worry about losing your discount for changing devices. Our code will work on any app as long as you enter the correct values in the required field.

For a better understanding of the Binance mobile apps, check out this insightful article on how they work.

Closing Note

Signing up on the Binance platform is easy enough and open to all. But making financially smart moves and earning profits on the platform takes both the right information and the proper guide.

The Binance referral code gives here can potentially give you the flying start you need on the platform.  Crypto platforms are exceptionally competitive. And you should use all the assistance you can get.

It’s incredibly difficult to strike gold on your first try when you begin participating on crypto platforms. But you can get a huge leg up if you begin with the right offer and discounts. That’s precisely what our Binance referral code offers you. Right from the start, you get access to sizeable discounts that make your trading fees much lesser and affordable.

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