Binance Login: How to Log In To Binance in 2023

Logging in to or Binance.US is relatively easy if you are a regular on the platforms. The world’s biggest crypto trading platform is available on all devices, including mobiles and desktops, with over 29 million weekly users. This crypto trading platform is highly scalable; its API seamlessly integrates with major trading platforms and has top-notch security. 

However, if you are new to Binance and or facing login problems on the site, this guide is for you. Every day, traders on the platform has questions like Binance not showing puzzle piece when I log in, or Binance keeps logging me out. So, we will walk through every aspect of Binance login, identify the possible reasons for Binance login issues, and provide solutions. 

If you are yet to open an account on the Binance platform we suggest reading our Binance review first to get a full understanding of the pros/cons of the exchange and should you decide to sign up, make sure that you’re using a Binance referral code in the process to pay fewer fees in many areas of the exchange.

Oh and also don’t forget the Binance login FAQ at the end of this post. 

Now let’s get started.

How to Log In to Binance with Browsers

  1. Access from your browser of choice and click on “Log In” at the top right corner.
  2. You will get options to sign in with your email or your phone number. Use the option, which you used to register your account on Binance, enter your password, and hit “Login.”
  3. A security verification will open in the next window, and you will follow the instructions. Typically, the captcha is to solve a puzzle, which is very easy to complete. 
    • However, if you chose the 2FA or SMS verification at the time of registration, you will be directed to the verification page.
  4. Click on submit, and you will enter the Binance page to start trading on the platform.
Binance Login Captcha Challenge

How to Log In to Binance With Mobile App

You have two Binance exchange login options with a mobile app. 

  • Go to on the computer and go to the “Log In” option. 
  • Open the Binance app on your mobile and scan the QR code on the right to log in to the Binance app instantly. 
Binance Login Screen

Alternatively, you can access the Binance app on your mobile device, input your phone number and password, and log in to access your account.

Binance scan to log in is still the easiest way to access the dashboard. 


You can log in to Binance.US, the American partner for, by using the same steps above.

Sign in to Binance Without Google Authenticator (2FA)

Binance has four types of authentication to protect your account: SMS authentication, email, security key, and Google authentication. Along with the password, activating one of the above options completes the 2-factor authentication or 2FA. 

However, instances of losing access to your Google Authenticator data or changing your phone and losing access to the app may require you to log in without these details. 

You have a couple of options.

First, log in using the Binance app and go to your profile on the top left.

  • Scroll down to “Security,” choose “Google Authenticator,” and turn off the option.
  • Confirm the message, and you can log in without using the Google Authenticator the next time you want to use the Binance dashboard. 

Second, if you don’t have access to Google Authenticator code, try calling Binance support, and ask them to remove the 2FA code. You will need to submit some papers and wait for some time, but Binance can remove the code so you can log in without the Google Authenticator. 

How to Sign In to Binance from the US

Binance platform is not available in the US since 2019 due to several regulations. But similar to the Binance login attempt from a new IP address, you can use VPN to access the trading platform from the US. 

  • First, get an account from a credible VPN. ExpressVPN and IPVanishVPN are great choices. 
  • Next, when you log in to the VPN software, connect to a server that accepts Binance. Binance is accepted throughout Europe and other parts of the world, and we recommend Sweden and Switzerland for the best connections.
  • Go to from your browser of choice, and you should be able to set up accounts and log in to the dashboard irrespective of your location in the US. 

Why Can’t I Log In to Binance?

There are several reasons why users can’t log in to Binance. In this section, we cover the scenarios of Binance sign-in problems and explore the possible solutions. 

If Binance exchange login is not possible on the browser

Try using the mobile app to log in. If you can log in from the app, try clearing the cache in your browser. Hitting the Ctrl+Shift+Del in Chrome to access history prompts you to clear the cache and your Binance log in should work. 

Alternatively, you can also try Binance Log in using the incognito mode in your browser. 

If you can’t log in to Binance either through the mobile app or browser, the problem could be from the Binance; the website undergoing maintenance, or something similar. In this case, you can wait for Binance to restore the website.

If you get a 2FA code error 

  • Try to log in using the Binance mobile app or 
  • Clear cookies and cache on your browser before login or 
  • Use the browser’s incognito mode to log in or 
  • Synchronize the time on your desktop and mobile or 
  • Use the 16 digits Google Authenticator to reset the account and log in 


What happens if I die and no one has my Binance login info? 

When you die and do not leave your Binance login info for your family or close one, they can contact Binance support for help. Understandably, the family member initiating the contact with Binance will need to provide certain papers such as a death certificate, but Binance can help with closing the account and what to do with your wealth. The topic of crypto inheritance in the event of death is still debated in several countries. But the IRS in the US now classifies cryptocurrency as inheritable property. 

How to keep Binance login on my browser?  

The best way to keep the Binance Log in page in your browser is to bookmark the page to access it directly.

Why is Binance logging me out?

Instances of Binance logging out users are not uncommon and it often happens for security reasons, and it does not mean that your Binance Log in credentials are invalid or expired. If this happens, try the Binance Log in options detailed above, or just wait for some time till Binance restores its website. 

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