Binance Listing Guide 2023

Binance strives to offer its customers a wide base of the most competitive cryptocurrencies in the world. The exchange lists new coins multiple times every week to help its users get the best of the crypto world which is one of the aspects of the exchange that makes promoting the Binance referral code a constant treat for affiliate marketers and influencers across the globe participating in the Binance affiliate program.

The platform is a suitable playing ground for experienced investors looking for analytics-based decision-making with advanced traditional options. Users can keep track of the new coins on Binance by constantly checking their Binance app or the Binance telegram channels for the latest announcements. 

An interesting feature that Binance introduced two years ago-the Community Coin Vote. It allows the community to vote for their favorite and get it listed on the exchange. 

How to Apply for a Listing on Binance?

There are only two ways to apply for listings on Binance:

The Launchpool and Direct listing methods are open for those projects that have not issued a token yet or have tokens actively circulating in the market. In contrast, the Launchpad method is only for those projects that have just started and have not held a token generation event.

The CEO or the founder of the project must fill out the form directly as Binance may need to contact the founder directly in the near future. All information and or anything founders may want Binance to know should be clearly mentioned in the form while applying. 

After submitting the project, you must wait patiently for Binance to contact you. The listing application process is intense, and due diligence is taken in filtering out applications.  

What To Do to get the Project Listed?

Here are a few tips to help you get your project listed on Binance:

  • Keep Binance and the community updated on your project’s process every week or once a month, and you must do this even after listing.
  • Try to be as responsive and professional as possible during the evaluation process. 
  • Increase the chances of your project being listed by raising BNB/BUSD during the fundraising phase or incorporate BNB/BUSD into your ecosystem. 
Binance listing tips by Changpeng Zhao

In a recent interview, Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, revealed that the key criteria for listing a cryptocurrency on Binance are if the coin has a large number of users. He adds more by saying that a large number of users means the product has more value which is the easiest way to measure. 

How does Binance List New Coins/Tokens?

Here are a few Binance listing requirements that Binance checks into for their new crypto listings:

  • The product should be useful and have a large user base. It is recommended to start from small exchanges and build a larger community first. 
  • It should be run by a proven team of dedicated experts in the field. The team should be able to handle difficult situations both within and outside the community and have professional communication with Binance.
  • Excessive shilling of coins will affect your application’s evaluation process. You must ask your community not to over-aggressively shill the coins. 
  • Binance doesn’t encourage its applicants to pressure them into listing their coins. Doing so will affect the evaluation process, or the applicant may be blacklisted.

How much does Binance Charge for a Listing?

There is no fixed number as Binance listing fee. They encourage applicants to propose any number of fees they are comfortable with. 

This is because all Binance listing fees are donated to the Binance Charity Foundation. The foundation is a transparent charity foundation, and all transactions are tracked on the blockchain. 

What Coin is Binance Listing Next?

New coins on Binance are added frequently, and users can get information on new listings through their “New listings” page on their website. To get the latest Binance listing news, you can do the following:

  • Follow their updates and the latest news on upcoming projects that seem promising through crypto news blogs or channels. 
  • Keep in touch with Binance through channels such as Telegram or other social media channels like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Binance sometimes gives hints on their upcoming Binance listing through their platforms like the Binance Launchpad

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Binance listing fee?

Binance does not charge a fixed amount as fees but leaves it on the applicants to pay however they can since the money goes to the Binance Charity Foundation.

When is the next vote for Binance listing?

The latest vote for the Binance listing has ended, and a new one is scheduled to happen soon. Keep track of their news on social media platforms to get the latest news.

How to know new coins listing on Binance?

Keep track of their latest listings through their official page and follow their Telegram channels and other social media platforms for the latest Binance listing news. 

How to buy crypto before Binance listing?

Binance always makes an announcement of their upcoming listings through their social media platforms and on their official page. Once you get the name of the coin, you can go to websites such as Cornmarket and search for the specific coin. 
The coin must have been listed on other platforms already, so you can buy the coin from those platforms. 


Binance listing is what all traders wait for to make their next big investment in the crypto market. If you want to list a coin on Binance, then make sure you have a large user base and are constantly giving an update of your project to the Binance team. 

If you want to purchase the latest coins on Binance, then make sure you put an alert on your social media platforms so that you get a notification as soon as an announcement is made. You can make purchases of that coin from other crypto market platforms. 

Binance gives all its users a fair chance to trade by providing the latest products and services available in the crypto market today, as covered in this Binance analysis. Since you know which coins Binance is going to list next, mark your calendar right away and start trading!

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