Binance API – What is it & How to use it?

Binance API allows the integration of the trading platform through programming languages such as Python. This application programming interface allows users to automate their Binance trading, transacting, depositing and withdrawing easily on and off the platform. 

If you’re new to Binance and not sure about the API, this guide should give you a head start on the topic. If you have not yet signed up with Binance, we suggest reading our Binance review before doing so to understand the full scope of what the exchange has to offer.  

How to Use The Binance API

  • Log in to your Binance account and access the dashboard. 
  • Click on your Binance profile and scroll down to API management. 
  • On the “Create API” page, enter a label name for your API key. (Make sure to secure this Key because Binance will not show this Key after it is created. In case you lose the API key, you will need to create a new one)
  • Your Binance API is created so you can use it. 

Take a look at Binance’s article on how to create API

Before you use the Binance API, check the “Restrict access to trusted IPs only,” which is the recommended option. 

Binance API list

Binance has not white-listed many of the top crypto trading platforms, including Coinigy. So when you connect to Binance API to these trading platforms, you need to check the “Unrestricted” option. Although this is not the recommended option, filing taxes through Binance API will require you to integrate your API Keys with third-party tax vendors, which is an essential function just as Binance Trading Bots will often require this.

Complete the 2FA security verification and click submit.  

When you start with Binance API trading, remember that it comes with limits, including hard limits, machine learning limits and WAF or Web Application Firewall limits. If you exceed these Binance API Limits, the blockchain sends you an HTTP 403 error message. In most cases, these error messages are the result of making excessive requests within 5 minutes. But in some cases, it can also result in getting banned if the message is perceived as malicious.

Binance has in-depth articles on the Binance API Limits and other FAQs related to Binance API documentation. 

These detailed GitHub docs with examples of private and public API endpoints; Tradingview is also a fantastic resource to brush your Binance API knowledge. 

It has recently updated information on several important API information that can also be a tutorial for you to get started. Enable the notifications on GitHub to stay up to date with all the Binance API and Binance Exchange as the information described in these docs are considered official and supported. 

However, official Binance API announcements, including changes, are available on this link. 

How to Get Your Binance API Key

Steps to get your Binance API Key 

  • Sign in to your Binance Exchange account, complete the verification, and click “Account” from your profile to access this page.
API setting
  • Go to API settings and choose a name for your Key, then click “Generate New Key.
  • Binance will send you a message that a confirmation email has been sent. So you need to log in to your email connected to Binance and follow the link to confirm your request. The confirmation link from Binance is only valid for 30 minutes as a security measure, so you need to “Confirm Key” during this period. 
  • After you confirm the key link, it will take you back to the Binance page, where you can view the Binance API key and the Secret Key you created moments ago. 


It is paramount that you save, note down, and secure your Binance API key and the Secret Key because the platform will not show them again after they are generated. For security reasons, Binance always masks the Secret Key that can make it difficult to access it, and if you did not save it, you would need to generate a new one along with the API Key.

Binance API FAQ

How to find the Binance API on the app?

To find the Binance API on the app:
– Sign in to your Binance Exchange account from the Binance mobile app
– Go to the Binance home page, on the bottom left corner of the page.
– Select “More” from the icons and scroll down 
– Choose API Management 

How to use Binance API in Excel?

To use Binance API in Excel, follow these steps:
– Open a new Excel Sheet, and give it a suitable name
– Go to the “Data” tab in the ribbon
– Next, select the “From Web” option 
– You will get a New Web Query dialogue box 
– Copy and paste the Binance API URL on the address bar and click OK
– Next, select the “Table” and locate the “Convert” tab
– Finally, choose “Transform to Table” from the menu and click OK

You should not be able to view Binance API from your new excel sheet 

Alternatively, you can also download a Binance API – Excel connector from third-party platforms and use it without going through all the technical aspects. This Excel connector from SEO tools is easy to download and easy to use. 

Using Binance in Excel is a great way to view public exchange information. In addition, you can also use it for API trading in a more convenient way by choosing only the crypto pairs you want. Documenting your personal trading information also becomes easy when you use Binance API with Excel.

How to connect to Binance API?

To connect to the Binance API, you need to sign in to your Binance Exchange first using your credentials. Next, go to your profile at the top right and find API Management. Depending on whether you already have an API key or not, Binance shows the pages accordingly.

How to make Binance API ‘read only’?

Steps to make Binance API read-only:
– Sign in to your Binance Exchange account 
– From your account, go to API documentation 
– Create a label/name to be your API Key 
– Complete the 2FA verification by clicking send SMS 
– Get the code from your phone and enter it 
– You will also get an email for API generation confirmation 
– Follow the link and “Create API Key.”
– When you get directed to the Binance API management page, locate “Edit Restrictions.”
– Uncheck the “Enable trading” option and click Save

You have successfully created a read-only API key. 

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