Poloniex & Justin Sun

Poloniex & Justin Sun

Speaking to his followers on a live stream broadcast by Poloniex, Tron founder Justin Sun revealed that he was one of the investors who bought a stake in the US based exchange which has caused a spike in the popularity of the Poloniex referral program. Poloniex was spun off into an independent entity after being … Read more

Poloniex Lending

Poloniex Lending

If you prefer to earn interest on your money rather than trade it or rather than promoting Poloniex, after having read our Poloniex referral program review, you can also borrow your funds to other users through Poloniex Lending. This feature allows you to choose which coins you want to lend to others, how long you … Read more

Poloniex US Customers

Poloniex US Customers

Circle, the cryptoservices company backed by major banks Goldman Sachs, urged its US customers to withdraw their cryptoassets by December 16, 2019. Circle said it will start charging Poloniex US customers if they didn’t withdraw all their assets as quickly as possible. In October 2017, Circle was spun off as an independent company from Poloniex, … Read more

Poloniex Fees Explained 2021

Poloniex Fees

Poloniex, founded in January 2014, is a cryptocurrency and asset exchange serving the cryptosphere with over 120 active markets. Our stock market report reveals which cryptocurrencies are most commonly offered on the digital asset exchange, what the Poloniex fees are, and also reveals that the US-based cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked in March 2014. The … Read more

Poloniex App 2021

Poloniex App

Are you looking for an app that you can use to trade conveniently? Then Poloniex App is an excellent option for you. This article will review all about the Poloniex exchange app and the platform with in-depth highlights on the pros and cons of using it.   What is Poloniex? In case you haven’t heard of … Read more

Poloniex & Circle Relationship Explained

Poloniex & Circle Relationship

Circle, the cryptoservices company backed by major banks Goldman Sachs, is urging its US customers to withdraw cryptocurrency assets by December 16, 2019. Circle says it will start charging Poloniex US customers if they don’t withdraw their assets as quickly as possible. The Poloniex team management has spun off Circle from its parent company Poloniex … Read more

Poloniex Referral Program Review 2021

Poloniex referral program

Poloniex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that Tristan D’Agosta launched in 2014. It has become one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms offering quality services for trading bitcoins and altcoins.  It is an easy and straightforward platform to sign up to, with very minimal fees comparatively. Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that … Read more

What are Affiliate Links?

Affiliate links

Although each (crypto) affiliate program is different, the basic idea is that you register as a partner for a product or service and If someone registers for your service, you will get a reduction in the commission. In order for the seller to identify who is responsible for the sale, a unique affiliate ID is … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing

When it comes to affiliate marketing, most people think it’s about earning commissions by promoting other people’s businesses or products. Simply put, it is about referencing products and services by sharing them on blogs, social media platforms, and websites. Simply put, this is when a blogger, influencer or affiliate touts a particular product or service … Read more

Bitmex Leaderboard

Bitmex Exchange

The Bitmex Leaderboard shows the top traders on the Bitmex Exchange of all time. While most accounts on the leaderboard are pseudonymous, JOE007 is one of six uncloaked traders sitting in the top 50. This person has two accounts each announcing a profit of over $25,000, with a total trading value of more than $1.5 … Read more