About us

Let’s get to know eachother! For you to trust and believe in my judgement when I’m trying and reviewing crypto referral and affiliate programs, it’s in your best interest, that I’m not clueless about neither the cryptosphere nor the general affiliate marketing industry.

I’m a young guy from Denmark who has been interested in affiliate marketing for as long as I can remember. I’ve had several affiliate sites in my early years. Remember Clickbank? A lot of the (primarily junk) products on there got me hooked on affiliate marketing. I made a decent living promoting various products on there, but knew it was just a brief respite, since even though all of the products on there were pushed as being “evergreen”, they almost never lasted more than a year.

In the coming years I was promoting a LOT of different products in different niches, before I ultimately got interested in cryptocurrencies – but not with affiliate marketing in mind. I found a genuine interest in Bitcoin and crypto when I wrote my dissertation on cryptocurrencies in 2014-2015. Not until early 2017 would I start promoting crypto sites and offers, and thus combining an actual interest in a niche (and not just an interest in the money the niche can generate) and my knowledge of and experience with affiliate marketing.

This lead me where I am today: An active affiliate of a dozen crypto websites, promoting a number of offers. Over the last three years I’ve unfortunately happened to promote sites turning out to be scams, sites that went down or out of business and sites with affiliate earnings that did not live up to the work that I put into promoting them. This, this is why I am running this site. I’m have experience in both crypto and affiliate marketing, and I have made most of the rookie mistakes, so that you don’t have to! The selection of affiliate programs that you’re finding here on CryptoAffiliate, you can trust to be profitable, since I’m actually earning, and have earned (and been paid) a nice amount of money from each of them. You can thus be comfortable promoting these programs – and I hope you will.